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Ant visitors vary greatly in the quality of defence they provide (Ness et al., 2006; Miller, 2007; .... specialized interactions and the role of EFNs within them can be found in Heil et al. ..... Díaz-Castelazo C,; Rico-Gray V,; Ortega F,; Angeles G.

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Mar 19, 2013 ... ... of their diet (Rico-Gray, 1989; Blüthgen et al., 2000; Heil et al., 2005). ..... flowers doubled the glucose content in race Cs (32.5% ± 2.5 vs. ...... Oliveira P. S. ,; V. Rico–Gray,; C. Díaz–Castelazo, and; C. Castillo–Guevara . 1999 ...

Extrafloral nectar fuels ant life in deserts


Nov 7, 2014 ... 2009; Byk and Del-Claro 2011; Wilder et al. ... food, and ants protect plants from herbivores and animals from predators (Heil and McKey 2003).

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Clackamas County Sheriff's Office et al; A160344 Group B, LLC v. .... S. M. ( A159391); A156445 In the Matter of Jantes-Diaz and Johnson and Jantes-Diaz et al / In ..... Marriage of Heil-Frone and Frone et al; A154054 Rivord, Walter Paul, III v.

court calendar of chief judge marcia s. krieger for the week of august ...


Aug 19, 2013 ... v. Herman Kelt, et al. Harold Martinez v. Jones Lang LaSalle. Michael McKinnon ..... Diaz v. Heil, et al. 11:00 a.m. 13-cv-01592-WJM-MJW.

Dual ant attraction in the Neotropical shrub Urera baccifera ...


... ant–plant associations in the dune environment (Díaz-Castelazo et al. 2004 ... 1994; Heil et al. ... ant–plant interactions mediated by pearl bodies (but see Fiala et al. ..... Díaz-Castelazo, C., Rico-Gray, V., Oliveira, P.S. & Cuautle, M. (2004) ...

Exposure to prescription opioid analgesics in utero and risk of ... - BMJ


May 14, 2015 ... Jones HE, Kaltenbach K, Heil SH, et al. Neonatal ... Bateman BT, Hernandez- Diaz S, Rathmell JP, et al. Patterns of ... Nair V, Soraisham AS, Akierman A. Neonatal withdrawal syndrome due to maternal codeine use. Paediatr ...

Biological Research - Phenolic profiles of nectar and honey of ...


Gloria Montenegro, Javiera Díaz-Forestier, Carolina Fredes and Sharon Rodríguez .... A system of elution gradient was used (Markham et al., 1970) ( Table 1). ..... RADHIKA V, KOST C, BOLAND W, HEIL M (2010) The Role of Jasmonates in ...

Temporal variation in extrafloral nectar secretion in different ...


Apr 10, 2013 ... ... which are more vulnerable to damage caused by herbivores (Heil et al. ...... Díaz-Castelazo C, Rico-Gray V, Ortega F, Angeles G. 2005.

Ocean urea fertilization for carbon credits poses high ecological risks.


Jackie L. Collier r, Yves Collos s, Robert Diaz m, Martina Doblin t, Thomas Drennen u, Sonya Dyhrman i,. Yasuwo Fukuyo v, Miles Furnas w, James Galloway x, Edna Granéli y, Dao ..... omon, 2006; Heil et al., 2007; Glibert and Berg, in press).

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