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Did Christ Abolish the Sabbath? - theTrumpet.com


Jesus Christ came to change Sabbath observance to Sunday worship. Did He? Early in Christ's ministry, we find that He taught on the Sabbath day (Mark 1:21; ...

Did Jesus abolish the Sabbath and the Ten Commandments? (Part ...


Feb 9, 2015 ... The Sabbath Undoubtedly, the Sabbath observance is the main reason why many argue that the Ten Commandments have been abolished.

The weekly Sabbath is abolished, being nailed to the cross! - Bible.ca


The Sabbath was abolished when nailed to the Cross: Col 2:14. Christians have always worshipped on the 1st Day when Jesus rose from the dead! ... This powerful argument proves that the weekly Sabbath did not exist before Ex 16:23.

Should the Sabbath be Observed Today? - Exit and Support Network


"But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any ..... Some say, "Doesn't this prove that Jesus did not abolish the Sabbath?

Common Objections For Not Keeping The Sabbath


But Jesus did not repeat the 4th commandment (Matthew 19:16-17, Luke 18:18- 20, Mark ..... Here is another proof that Christ did not "abolish" the Sabbath law.

Did the Apostle Paul Abolish the Sabbath? | United Church of God


Jul 24, 1996 ... Some insist that the Ten Commandments, including the Sabbath, are still obligatory for Christians. Most who hold this view teach that Sunday is ...

Paul Abolished Sabbath - Jesus' words Only


Did Paul Abolish The Sabbath? Under the Law given Moses, most commands do not apply to sojourners / foreigners (i.e., Gentiles), but only to Israel.

What does it mean that Jesus fulfilled the law, but did not abolish it?


It is frequently argued that if Jesus did not “abolish” the law, then it must still be binding. Accordingly, such components as the Sabbath-day requirement must be  ...

The Sabbath & Sunday - exAdventist Outreach


If Jesus did not want us to understand that He was breaking the Sabbath why did He .... classing it with the entire law, he declares it has been totally abolished.

Is the Sabbath Required for Christians Today? | Grace Communion ...


The Jewish Talmud says that Abraham did not keep the Sabbath; the Jews ... All Christians agree that some of these God-given laws became obsolete; the ...

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Did Jesus Abolish the Seventh-day Sabbath?


is clear that Jesus Christ did not change the Sabbath from the seventh day of the week to the first day of the week. (See Rome's Challenge to the Protestants.).

Did Christ Abolish the Law of Moses? : Christian Courier


“Some teach that Christians are not under obligation to keep the Sabbath day in this age. If that is the case, how is Matthew 5:17-18 to be explained? Did not ...

Jesus Did Not Abolish the Law By Fulfilling It. | Sabbath School Net


Apr 16, 2014 ... So Jesus did not abolish baptism when He fulfilled that rite, but rather set an example for us to follow. Likewise, Jesus did not abolish the law by ...