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Chuck Norris: “Would I have beaten Bruce Lee in a real competition, or not? You' ll forgive me for answering with another Bruceism: 'Showing off is the fool's idea ...


No. Chuck says they never fought: Bruce Lee vs. Me Chuck said they sparred. I saw some people asking "who won?", but that's not a meaningful question for ...

Mar 24, 2009 ... Chuck Norris tells Michael Eisner about his friendship with the kung fu master ... is is that Norris is a sportsman lee is a fighter and chuck Norris does ... Lee in real life and never won thinking if I could beat Bruce than I would be the best! .... BEST STORY EVER: Jackie Chan Picks A Fight With Bruce Lee.


Jan 1, 2014 ... In the case of Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris, this is easy, as they both hit their ... A person who competes in point karate might be able to fight, or he/she ... To contrast, while Chuck Norris did study Judo when he was in the armed ... “There's no real evidence Lee ever had any real fights!, therefore, Chuck!”.


Chuck Norris was one of a few top 1960's competitors who trained WITH Bruce. They shared techniques and Bruce improved Chuck's speed ...


Aug 10, 2015 ... When David Chin walked through the entrance of Bruce Lee's martial arts .... He did, however, sport a pair of leather bracelets he wore over his ...


Feb 17, 2015 ... If anyone had ever wanted to put a "Bruce Lee vs [whoever]" they would ... The tournaments Norris did (that Lee didn't do) would disqualify someone if they hit too hard. ... Could Bruce Lee win in a fight against Chuck Norris?


Chuck Norris never beat Bruce Lee because the two never faced off in the ring. After Lee's death, actor and martial arts expert Chuck Norris only had good things  ...


That has been a question that has been circulating ever since Chuck Norris hit the big time. So who was the best? Did Bruce Lee really beat Chuck Norris?