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United States Presidents and their families have often had pets while serving in office. ... Others did not understand the uproar; former President Harry S. Truman said, "What the hell ... James Monroe ..... "Do You Have a Dog in This Election?


6 days ago ... As the fifth president of the United States, James Monroe had big shoes to fill, including those of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. ... Check out our photo gallery of selected White House pets ... Did You Know…


6 days ago ... White House pets during this era feature a horse named Old Whitey (Zachary Taylor) and a dog named — of all things — Vulcan (George Washington). ... President James Monroe, 1817-1825 (bio). Spaniel belonging to Maria ...


Jan 18, 2017 ... He had a pet parrot who outlived both he and his wife. James Monroe. He enjoyed ... Sox was the first Presidential pet to have its own web site.



Oct 27, 2015 ... Fun facts and trivia about James Monroe and the US Presidents and First Ladies. ... Three electors abstained and (rumor has it) one voted for John Quincy Adams so no ... Monroe had several pets while in the White House.


Jan 17, 2012 ... JAMES MONROE, served 1817-1825 Monroe introduced the Monroe Doctrine, a policy ... He had a number of horses and a pet parrot named Pol who had a very colorful vocabulary.` ... Encouraged to give them to a zoo, he did. ... Pierce was the first president to have a Christmas tree in the White House.


Although not every President has had a dog, many furry friends have .... number five (and the last of the Presidents we'll talk about today) was James Monroe.


How many dogs have lived in the White House? ... Having a dog in the White House is nothing new, as 32 U.S. presidents undoubtedly found comfort in the loyalty, ... James Monroe (Democrat-Republican): 5th U.S. President (1817-1825)