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Jesus of Nazareth may have had a wife, according to an ancient Coptic papyrus which reads "Jesus said to them, 'my wife...'".


The Jesus bloodline is a hypothetical sequence of lineal descendants of the historical Jesus, often by Mary Magdalene, usually portrayed as his wife. Differing and contradictory versions of a Jesus bloodline hypothesis have ..... up ^ http:// www.emnr.org/papers/jesusmarry.htm Did Jesus Christ Marry and Father Children?


Did Jesus have a wife? From what the Bible says about Joseph and Mary's family , how many brothers and sisters did Jesus have?


The scholar involved, Professor Karen King of Harvard, has decided to call this The Gospel of Jesus's Wife. However, it might more appropriately be named The  ...


King called the business-card-size papyrus “The Gospel of Jesus's Wife.” But even without that provocative title, it would have shaken the world of biblical ...


Sep 19, 2012 ... Speculation that Jesus Christ might have married is an ancient one and, however often theologians and historians throw cold water over the ...


Ultimately, it does not matter what the "Jesus' wife papyrus" or Gnostic gospels say. They have no authority. They have all been proven to be forgeries invented ...


Mar 9, 2017 ... How did her reputation evolve “From Saint to Sinner?” ... none of the Gospels hints of her as being Mary Magdalene, wife of Jesus. .... It is true that we have no reason to suspect Mary was a prostitute or lover or wife of Jesus.


Jun 21, 2016 ... A papyrus once believed to be evidence that Jesus had a wife is now widely believed to be a fake. Controversy erupted in 2012 after Harvard ...