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Economic policy of Bill Clinton - Wikipedia


Second term. Campaign · 1996 · 2nd inauguration · Operation Infinite Reach · Bombing of ... President Clinton oversaw a period of considerable economic growth and ... Cli...

The Budget and Deficit Under Clinton - FactCheck.org


Feb 3, 2008 ... Fiscal 2002 is the first for which President George W. Bush signed the ... So any way you count it, the federal budget was balanced and the ...

CNN Fact Check: The last president to balance the budget – CNN ...


Feb 3, 2010 ... CNN Fact Check: The last president to balance the budget. Posted by ... Democrat Bill Clinton was president in 1998, when the government finally recorded a surplus. ... Did you answer why there was a deficit in 2002? Was is ...

How Bill Clinton's Balanced Budget Destroyed The Economy ...


Sep 5, 2012 ... The Untold Story Of How Clinton's Budget Destroyed The American Economy ... is remembered as the last President to preside over balanced budgets. ... And when it does, the private sector will retrench, the economy will ...

The Myth of the Clinton Surplus - Craig Steiner


Clinton clearly did not achieve a surplus and he didn't leave President Bush .... A balanced budget or a budget surplus is a great thing, but it's only relevant if the ...

How Clinton Balanced the Budget | RealClearPolitics


Feb 11, 2011 ... Near the top of the list is the balanced budget constitutional amendment ... passage, knowing that the thing will never quite materialize and that, if it did, ... of the one president in recent memory who actually achieved that goal?

How did President Clinton balance the budget? - Quora


Jul 21, 2015 ... He didn't. When Bill Clinton was inaugurated in 1993, the country was coming out of the minor recession that had contributed to his win over ...

Obama touts Bill Clinton's budget record | TheHill


Apr 15, 2015 ... “When Bill Clinton was president, the budget got balanced, and we ... Does Obama tout how Newt Gingrich and the GOP, that swarmed into ...

How "Voodoo" Caused Most of the National Debt - zFacts


You can even see the first President Bush predict it in the video clip below. ... Cut taxes $440 billion per year; balance the budget and; increase defense spending. ... and Bill Clinton and Obama had taxed and spent exactly as they actually did.

THE CLINTON BUDGET: THE OVERVIEW; President Offers the First ...


Feb 3, 1998 ... President Clinton unveiled the first balanced Federal budget in ... Mr. Clinton also did not take questions when he announced his budget.

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No, Bill Clinton Didn't Balance the Budget | Cato Institute


The New York Times on October 1st said, “Clinton balances the budget. ... upon a time, lying was something that was considered wrong in Washington, but under the last two presidents our standards have dropped. ... The GOP did it in four.

Hillary Clinton loves to trumpet Bill's budget surplus. She shouldn't.


May 24, 2016 ... The late 1990s during former President Bill Clinton's administration were a ... "We had a balanced budget and a surplus when my husband left the White House," Clinton ... Then it did it again in the second half of the 2000s.

Andrew Jackson was the last president who actually balanced the ...


Apr 21, 2016 ... Was Andrew Jackson the only U.S. president to bring national debt to zero? ... Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton laughed at a 12-year-old rape victim. Clinton .... A lot of presidents have presided over balanced budgets, which is when the ... "The country did eventually have the good sense to borrow again, ...