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Or brush against me, And I fall in love all over again. Then you'll forget me. For awhile, pretend I'm not there. I cry and wonder, Do you even care at all?


Never once did they tell me, "I Love You", or make me feel special, I was torn to pieces. I started turning to boys I found that they all want the same thing and tell ...


Nov 11, 2012 ... I wondered how many days would pass. Before you'd think to call. Do you even care for me. Alittle or not at all. Have you thought of me


Care poetry: ... Care. I don't care if you. Throw sticks. Or stones. Or grenades. You won't hurt me, I'll pick myself ... That's what others' did to me. ... you even care?


Feb 26, 2009 ... Are you ever going to need me? So you really ever me see. Did you ever really care? It just seems so unfair. Love for me cant you find?


When we were happily together. My happiness would simply hover. Right to the surface of my childish mind. Yet only now do I think back to find. You never ...


Jul 11, 2009 ... A scream so loud within myself, That only I can hear my heart shatter. Do you even care? Does it even matter? Thank you for becoming a fan.


Did you ever really love me? When did you decide I wasn't worth fighting for? When did I ... You don't owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself. Find this Pin and more ..... Sad Love Quotes and Poems - Bing Images. Find this Pin ...


This page is dedicated to all my favorite writings and poems, etc. ... Did you ever fall in love, but knew he didn't care...did you ever feel like crying, but knew you'd ...