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Although the two words are used interchangeably, there are distinct differences between feelings and emotions. Ok. Big deal. Well, it kind of is a big deal ...

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Dec 19, 2014 ... Today, the emotions are so neglected that most people are oblivious to the deep currents that move them, hold them back, and lose them.

What's the Difference Between Emotion, Feeling, Mood? - Six Seconds


Jan 2, 2015 ... The neuroscience is fascinating, emotions are immediate biological signals, feelings come later, and moods build up over time.

Feeling emotional? The difference between feelings and emotions


May 17, 2016 ... While emotions and feelings are quite different, we all use the words interchangeably to more or less explain the same thing. But what's the ...

The difference between emotion, feelings and mood - emotional ...


Sep 8, 2013 ... el-thm-02 Emotion, feeling and mood. Spot the difference. While emotions, feelings and mood are different, we all use the words to explain the ...

Is it a feeling or is it an emotion? - Karla McLaren


Aug 19, 2010 ... Someone asked me about the difference between an emotion and a feeling last month, and my answer was that emotion is a noun, and feeling ...

Emotions versus Feelings - Emotional Detective


Apr 25, 2012 ... By understanding the difference between emotions and feelings, you can get to the bottom of the real emotions that underlie your feelings.

Difference Between Feelings and Emotions | Difference Between


Oct 16, 2009 ... Feelings vs Emotions Human beings are naturally emotive creatures. We often talk about how we are feeling. Over the course of our lifetimes ...

Difference Between Emotions and Feelings | Definition, Meaning ...


Aug 4, 2016 ... What is the difference between Emotions and Feelings? Emotions are physical states whereas feelings are mental associations or reactions.

What is the difference between a feeling and an emotion?


May 10, 2012 ... The word “feeling” is often seen as a synonym for “emotion,” but the two words ... In this post, consider the similarities between the sound of the ...

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A lot of people use them interchangeably. Sometimes I do too. But there are differences. ... Emotions on the other hand are what those feelings mean. They are ...

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We tend to use the words feelings and emotions interchangeably. Of course they are closely related, but there is a difference and understanding it is important.

John Voris The Difference Between Emotions and Feelings


There is a difference between emotions and feelings. Learning the difference can provide you a greater understanding of yourself and the people around you.