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Ethnicity is a cultural form of identification, and race is a form of biological identification. Although the two may be interrelated, this is not always the...

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The distinction between race and ethnicity is ... ethnicity was predominant: cultural differences between peoples were ...

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May 9, 2012 ... Although humans are sometimes divided into races, the morphological variation between races is not indicative of major differences in DNA.

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Take the Caucasian (a.k.a., Caucasoid) race. The physical characteristics of Caucasians were ...

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What is the difference between race and ethnicity? Dalton Conley. While race and ethnicity share an ideology of common ancestry, they differ in several ways.

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Ethnicity vs Race Very few of us accurately describe the difference between ethnicity and race, simply because we tend to lump them into the same definition.

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Genetic differences within any designated racial group are often greater than ... it can be important to distinguish, however loosely, between race and ethnicity.

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Let's start by making a distinction between the concepts of 'race' and 'ethnicity.' Some people get confused about what the difference is, or they may not even be  ...

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A few differences in terminology: * Most people associate race with biology and ethnicity with culture. A Cambodian girl that's adopted by an Arab family may...

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Jul 5, 2006 ... Race and ethnic group labels in America are not clearly based on ... of the variation that does occur is in the difference between males and ...

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Q: What's the difference between Race, Ethnicity and Nationality?
A: Race refers to a persons genetic make-up. There are only 3 major races White, Black and Asian. There are sub groups of these races which were mostly created by ... Read More »
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Q: What exactly is the difference between race, ethnicity and nation...
A: Okay. firstly, there is more then "3 races" even anthropologically speaking, there are 4+ (Caucasoid, N3groid (Capoid) Australoid, Mongoloid) and even other one... Read More »
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Q: Is there a different between race and ethnicity?
A: There is only a slight difference.Race (noun) is a group of persons r... Read More »
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Q: What is the difference between race and ethnicity?
A: Answer Race describes biological descent. Ethnicity describes cultural heritage. ANSWER: The finish line. Ethnicity is learned, race is inherited. _____________... Read More »
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Q: What is the different between race and ethnicity?
A: Some would say that race is an archaic form of ethnicity. Others would argue that race is biological, while ethnicity is cultural and constructed. I'm part of t... Read More »
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