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The fancy rat is a domesticated rat (Rattus norvegicus), which is the most common type of pet ..... Hairless rats are genetically produced by breeding different combinations of the genes that cause Rex coats. Since rex is a dominant trait, there ...


Mar 4, 2016 ... Learn more about rat types — can you figure out which one you have? ... Double dominant trait — A double rex rat has two copies of the rex gene, ..... If you've ever bred rats and noticed that breeding black to agouti you got a ...


Pet rats come in a rainbow of colors, but most are descended from the brown rat, or Rattus norvegicus. Although domestic rats usually belong to the same ...


Common Breed Names:Arianus' New Guinea Mountain Rats ... data concerning this species of rats, except for the fact that they are found in two localities.


Rat Species, Strains, Breeds and Varieties. There are so many different kinds of rats! On television, we hear about wood rats and kangaroo rats and black rats ...

May 28, 2013 ... Cool Top Rated Products for any Pet Rat Owner: Super Pet ... there aren't different breeds or species of rats, there are different varieties.


Pictures showing the different breeds, varieties, colourings and markings of fancy rats.


Identify the source of your mouse problem by learning about the different types of mice and rats. For the best in rodent control, trust Victor®.


Looking for details on the great variety of fancy pet rats? Do rat breeds matter when choosing your next pal? How many types of rats are there? Get the scoop on ...


The following is a brief description of the rat varieties as recognized by the ... but the coat consists of individual hairs banded with two or more colors and evenly ...