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List of phobias - Wikipedia


The English suffixes -phobia, -phobic, -phobe occur in technical usage in psychiatry to construct words that describe irrational, abnormal, unwarranted, ...

The Phobia List


Phobia List is an alphabetical list of phobias and fears indexed by both the name of the phobia, and the fear itself. We are the original Phobia List on the web!

Phobias: Causes, Types, and Symptoms - Healthline


Dec 11, 2015 ... Different Types of Phobias. Type 1. The American Psychiatric Association recognizes more than 100 different phobias. Here are a few of the ...

40 Weird Phobias You May Not Even Know You Have - BuzzFeed


Mar 28, 2014 ... If you ask a celebrity for an autograph and they decline, they may not be jerks but suffer from this phobia, which is the fear of writing in public.

Phobias From A to Z - TIME


Mar 24, 2001 ... The online phobia list is an A, B, C of terror. Below are just half of the named fears.

A to Z List of Phobias From the Strange to the Common - Verywell


Aug 20, 2016 ... Phobias are quite common and affect many people each year. Check out this ... A List of Some Different Types of Fears. Share; Pin; Email.

What's Your Biggest Fear? Phobias - MedicineNet


Aug 3, 2016 ... ... zoophobia, and more. Discover some of the symptoms and treatments of phobias. ... Common Types of Phobias. A woman covers her eyes ...

List Of Phobias And Their Meanings


Complete List of phobias and their meanings. The List of phobias and their meanings: From Ablutophobia To Zoophobia.

Phobias - A-Z list of phobias and definitions - The Therapy Partnership


Extensive A–Z list of phobias and their causes - linked to separate ... (see also Scatophobia); Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns (of different types not just "evil") ...

The 25 Strangest Phobias You Could Have - List25


Apr 18, 2014 ... From the fear of long words to the fear of taking a bath these are the 25 strangest phobias you could have.

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Phobia List - The Ultimate List of Phobias and Fears


This website is dedicated to fears and phobias. It contains a large list of phobias and teaches how to cope with and ultimately cure your fear. You can also learn ...

A list of phobias from atelophobia to zelotypophobia | OxfordWords ...


Aug 8, 2011 ... Explore the list of phobias to learn the names of common (and uncommon) fears. ... Some foods have different names in the US and in Britain.

AlphaDictionary Corrected List of Phobias - Fears, Loves, Obsessions


A corrected glossary of phobias. ... manias, click here. To take the alphaDictionary Phobias Test, click here. ... allodoxaphobia, different opinions. altophobia ...