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Amnesia also known as amnesic syndrome, is a deficit in memory caused by .... Source amnesia is both part of ordinary forgetting and can be a memory disorder caused by different factors. People suff...

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There are two main types of amnesia: anterograde amnesia (where the ability to memorize new things is impaired or lost because data does not transfer ...

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Jul 27, 2015 ... Learn all about amnesia - the condition commonly associated with memory loss. Find out about ... There are many different types of amnesia.

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Amnesia is the common medical term used to describe memory loss. The three primary types of amnesia: retrograde amnesia, anterograde amnesia, global ...

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Another rare type of amnesia, called dissociative (psychogenic) amnesia, stems from emotional shock or trauma, such as being the victim of a violent crime.

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Forgetting differs from amnesia in that forgetting is usually regarded as a normal ... There are several different types of amnesia, but all can be grouped into two ...

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Psychogenic amnesia is when a person cannot remember things and there is no physiological (bodily) ... There are basically two types of organic amnesia-.

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Retrograde amnesia is when existing memories are lost. It frequently affects recently formed memories. Older memories are affected more ...

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Feb 11, 2011 ... Here are some of the common types of amnesia and their causes.

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Brain specialists tend to refer to three different types of amnesia: Antegrade amnesia occurs when the ...

Amnesia is a partial or total loss of memory. More »
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Jun 5, 2010 ... There are six different types of amnesia depending on the causes and the nature of disease progression.

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Dec 9, 2013 ... Did you know that amnesia doesn't just mean forgetting your life history? Find out about the different kinds of amnesia and how to write about ...

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What would it be like to wake up one morning and not know who you are, not recognize your home or your parents, or not be able to account for your actions in  ...