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Iele, feminine mythical creatures; Moroi, a type of vampire or ghost; Muma Pădurii , ... The Knights of Ålleberg are the ghosts of twelve knights that died in the ... The Red Lady of Huntin...

The Paranormalistics: Types of Ghosts and Spirits


Ghosts Spirits & Hauntings Types What are ghosts, spirits & hauntings? What are the different types of these entities? So we can make things easier to ...

10 Little-Known Mysterious Ghost Types - Listverse


Mar 27, 2013 ... Unfortunately, while these ghost types get all of the love and hype, some ..... at different magnifications and filters, I am seeing all kinds of faces, ...

Understanding The Different Types of Ghosts - Our Curious World


Did you know there are many different types of ghosts, and, further, that not every being that inhabits in the spiritual realm is necessary a ghost at all? As such ...

Types Of Ghosts and Spirits | Ghosts and Gravestones Tour


Have you considered that there could be different types of ghosts out there? Our experts have created a list of the most common kinds of ghosts and spirits.

Ghost Types - Ghoststudy.com


Sep 24, 2014 ... (ESP) It includes the audible perception of ghosts, spirits, and those who are on ... Other faiths may have different concepts of what demons are.

Types of Ghosts and Demons (devils, spirits, negative energies etc.)


There are various types of ghosts and negative energies, with different levels of power and mode of operation. Here we rank them as per their strength.

Ghost Info | Types of Ghosts - Angels & Ghosts


This, sometimes, has lead paranormal investigators to believe there are different types of ghosts. But are there? Maybe, how ghosts look to us could be due to ...

Different types of Spirits and Terms - texas ghost and spirit intervention


Different types of Spirits and Terms. Ghost. They are human spirits that have not crossed over to their rightful place and are dwelling in between the two realms, ...

Types of Paranormal Entities - Manchester Paranormal Investigations


Most people lump all paranormal experiences into the term “ghost”. ... Hauntings can be split into different categories - intelligent hauntings, residual hauntings, ...

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Q: What are the different types of ghosts?
A: There are two different types ,the figures they have died a natural death and the orb they have died a slow andpainful death. These two types are too true, if y... Read More »
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Q: What are the different types of ghosts?
A: Ectoplasm, Ecto-mist, vapor, ghostly mistOrbs, spears, globules, balls of Read More »
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Q: What are the different types of ghosts?
A: Ectoplasm or a ghostly mist- a spirit or soul that has passed from this life. it transforms into a mist or vaporous state normally right before appearing as a a... Read More »
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Q: What are the different types of ghost?
A: The most harmless of the ghosts are what is called a residual haunt.These are like a scene from a movie playing over and over not knowing you are there.The next... Read More »
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Q: Are these really two different types of ghosts, or is it a matter...
A: Hi Tony!!! Thanks for your question! Okay, first off to answer your basic question: Yes, there are many types of manifestations. Okay, now onward! As far as tw... Read More »
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