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Staphylococcus is a genus of Gram-positive bacteria. Under the microscope, they appear round ... This group is the only clade within the staphylococci to possess this gene. ... In recent years, seve...

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Staph is short for Staphylococcus, a type of bacteria. There are over 30 types, but Staphylococcus aureus causes most staph infections (pronounced "staff ...

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What Are the Different Types of MRSA? Type 1. MRSA infections are classified as either hospital-acquired (HA-MRSA) or ...

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Apr 13, 2016 ... What Are Some Types of Staph Infections? ... up in many different body sites, causing infections (wound infections, abscesses, osteomyelitis, ...

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Nov 12, 2014 ... There are many forms of staph infection, such as skin infections, food ... There are more than 30 different types of bacteria that are classified as ...

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... which can cause different kinds of illnesses. For example, one kind of staph can cause urinary tract infections. But most staph infections are caused by the ...

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Staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, types of germs commonly found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals. Most of the time, ...

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Skin infections are common, but the bacteria can spread through the bloodstream and infect distant ... Types of staph infections ... Risk factors for staph infections.

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MRSA is different from other types of staph because it cannot be treated with certain ... MRSA infections are more difficult to treat than ordinary staph infections .

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Staphylococci ('staph') are a common type of bacteria that live on the skin and ... Staph skin infections are seen most commonly in pre-pubertal children and ...

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Read about staph infection treatment and complications: impetigo and cellulitis. Staphylococcus aureus bacteria may cause these symptoms and signs: boils, ...

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However, if it does enter the body the bacteria might multiply, which could lead to an infection. There are many different types of staph infections, varying from ...

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Mar 23, 2010 ... Staph infections can spread among members of athletic teams. Photo Credit Boys High School Wrestling 1 image by alice rawson from Fotolia.