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Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases in ... Prevention and treatment involve maintaining a healthy diet, regular physical exercise, .... There is a link between cognitive deficit and diabetes. ... in the development of type 1 diabetes, but the mechanism is not fully understood.


Diabetes mellitus type 2 is a long term metabolic disorder that is characterized by high blood ... Synonyms, Noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), adult -onset diabetes .... Other potentially important mechanisms associated with type 2 diabetes and .... There is no significant difference between these agents.


Jul 29, 2011 ... Categorized under Health | Difference Between NIDDM and IDDM. NIDDM ... also unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and environmental factors.


Jul 24, 2015 ... The difference between diabetes type 1 and type 2; Causes of ... older age, obesity and physical inactivity, family history of type 2 diabetes, or a ...


Type 2: Non-Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) .... the specification, growth, and differentiation of the embryonic pancreas. ... There is a strong association between IDDM and other endocrine autoimmunities (e.g. Addison disease). ... There are multiple biochemical mechanisms that account for this impairment of ...


Mar 21, 2015 ... Any imbalance between the RS and antioxidants leads to produce a condition ... major types: Type I Diabetes (IDDM) and Type II Diabetes (NIDDM). ... In Non- Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) there are certain mechanisms ... signaling involved in normal process of differentiation and migration.

Oct 22, 2016 ... Difference between niddm and iddm . Difference between , diabetes mellitus is a disease in which the pancreas produces inadequate amounts ...


(1)Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria. ... The basal activities of erythrocyte Ca++-ATPase from IDDM and NIDDM were ... There was no significant difference in the activities between IDDM and NIDDM. These results suggest a defective calcium translocating mechanism in diabetic ...


It is variously referred to as type 1 (IDDM) or type 2 diabetes (NIDDM) but could equally well ... The mechanisms responsible for autoimmunity have not yet been elucidated. ..... This overlooks the essential physiological differences between the  ...


Journal of Physiology and. Pathophysiology .... diabetes mellitus (NIDDM), is caused by decreased sensitivity of target ... There is a strong association between IDDM and other endocrine .... mechanisms that account for impairment of tissue's response to ..... PPARg is a key regulator of adipocyte differentiation; it can induce ...