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What Problems Did the U.S. Military Face as It Attempted to Carry out the War in Vietnam? By Samuel Hamilton. Over 58,000 US soldiers were killed in Vietnam. ... The Vietnam War was hugely unpopular in America for a number of reasons.


No war is easy for those who fight it and each conflict brings its own challenges. Soldiers in the Vietnam War endured many hardships and faced many problems  ...


There are a lot of difficulties that the American and Australian soldiers had to face in the Vietnam War: the weather, the bug, the people, ect.


Find out more about the history of Vietnam War History, including videos, interesting ... or were drafted, 1 out of 10 soldiers were injured or killed during Vietnam. .... angry and frustrated, exacerbating problems with morale and leadership. ... Many returning veterans faced negative reactions from both opponents of the war ...


What difficulties did immigrants face on their journey to the US? Most immigrants ... What did soldiers face in the aftermath of the Vietnam war? Returning US ...


There were a number of elements that made fighting in Vietnam difficult for Americans. ... US troops), difficulty identifying the enemy (a guerrilla force that blended with ... What did the hippies have to do with the withdrawal of the US army during the Vietnam war? .... What difficulties did United States soldiers face in Vietnam?


Sep 7, 2013 ... Every war has caused severe stress and even mental breakdown among combat soldiers. Vietnam was extremely stressful for many reasons, ...


Category: Papers; Title: Problems Faced by US Soldiers in Vietnam. ... The Vietnam War was a significant movement in history that extended from 1965 – 1973 ...


These ranged from difficulty sleeping to vivid flashbacks, and are now ... At this stage of the war, Americans began to view all Vietnamese soldiers and civilians ...... One reward we were given for the risk we faced there was individual freedom .


The Vietnam War was the longest deployment of U.S. forces in hostile action in ... never numbering more than 740 uniformed soldiers, had provided training and .... With his ambitious social reform program facing crucial votes in Congress, the .... on officers, drug use, racial tensions, and other serious problems increased.