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Diffraction refers to various phenomena which occur when a wave encounters an obstacle or a slit. It is defined as the bending of light around the corners of an ...

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Light bends when it passes around an edge or through a slit. This bending is called diffraction. You can easily demonstrate diffraction using a candle or a small ...

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Diffraction of light occurs when a light wave passes by a corner or through an opening or slit that is physically the approximate size of, or even smaller than that  ...

Diffraction of Light: light bending around an object


Diffraction is the slight bending of light as it passes around the edge of an object. The amount of bending depends on the relative size of the wavelength of light ...

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Diffraction. Diffraction manifests itself in the apparent bending of waves around small obstacles and the spreading out of waves past small openings.

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Ripple tank demonstrations are commonly done in a Physics class in order to discuss the principles underlying the reflection, refraction, and diffraction of waves.

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Diffraction grating · Single slit interference · More on single slit interference · Thin Film Interference part 1 · Thin Film Interference part 2. Current time: 0:00Total ...

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Diffraction of light occurs when a light wave passes very close to the edge of an object or through a tiny opening such as a slit or aperture.

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Diffraction Through a Single Slit. Diffraction also occurs when a wave passes through a gap (or slit) in a barrier. This is shown in the animation below (Note: ...

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The resolution limitations in microscopy are often referred to as the diffraction barrier, which restricts the ability of optical instruments to distinguish between two  ...

the phenomenon exhibited by wave fronts that, passing the edge of an opaque body, are modulated, thereby causing a redistribution of energy within the front: it is detectable in light waves by the presence of a pattern of closely spaced dark and light bands (diffraction pattern) at the edge of a shadow.
the bending of waves, especially sound and light waves, around obstacles in their path.
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