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In electronics, a diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts primarily in one direction (asymmetric conductance); it has low (ideally zero) ...

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If the voltage across a diode is negative, no current can flow*, and the ideal diode looks like an open circuit. In such a situation, the diode is said to be off or ...

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A diode is an electrical device allowing current to move through it in one direction with far greater ease than in the other. The most common kind of diode in ...

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A diode is a specialized electronic component with two electrodes called the anode and the cathode. Most diodes are made with semiconductor materials such ...

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Forward biasing the p-n junction drives holes to the junction from the p-type material and electrons to the junction from the n-type material. At the junction the  ...

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Diodes are different and useful electrical components. ... Be able to use a simplified model of a diode to predict when current flows through the diode, and when ...

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Q: What Are Diodes?
A: Basic Functions. Perhaps the most common use of diodes is to convert an alternating current (AC) to a direct current (DC). A diode has an anode and a cathode, e... Read More »
Q: What is a diode?
A: Answer In simplest terms a diode is a one way valve for electricity. It will allow current to flow in one direction but not in the opposite direction. Answer A ... Read More »
Q: What are diodes?
A: what is diode and there uses and description Read More »
Q: How Diodes Work.
A: Diode Basics. A diode is one of the simplest and most useful types of semiconductors. It serves as a sort of electric one-way valve, allowing current to flow in... Read More »
Q: What is diodes
A: A 'diode' is an electrical device with two electrodes ('di' means 'two'), through which electric current can only pass freely in one direction. Read More »