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In electronics, a diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts primarily in one .... A point-contact diode works the same as the junction diodes described below, but its construction i...

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A diode is a very simple device and it has a lot of applications. We will cover some of its uses and explain exactly how it works in very simple terms. If you don't  ...

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May 4, 2013 ... The PN Junction. Developed under Teaching Innovation Project 11-293 of Universidad de Granada (Spain) Creative Commons ...

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When the negative end of the circuit is hooked up to the N-type layer and the positive end is hooked up to P-type layer, electrons and holes start moving and the ...

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Apr 25, 2015 ... Diodes exist in most electronic circuits if not all. ... to give it the different properties and how a diode works in forward bias and reverse bias.

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A diode is an electrical device allowing current to move through it in one direction with far greater ease than in the other. The most common kind of diode in ...

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A diode allows current to flow in only ONE direction. If the cathode end (marked with a stripe) is connected so it is more negative than the anode end, current will  ...

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Jan 14, 2013 ... What happens in a diode to make current only flow one way around a circuit? My physics teacher said it was something to do with the metals in ...

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To understand how a pn-junction diode works, begin by imagining two separate bits of semiconductor, one n-type, the other p-type.

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A diode is a simple semiconductor device, typically made from silicon, with a single PN junction. One terminal is the anode and the other is the ...

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Nov 11, 2016 ... An easy-to-understand explanation of what diodes are and how they work.

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Vacuum Diode History Working Principle and Types of Vacuum Diode · p-n Junction Diode and Characteristics of p-n Junction · Full Wave Diode Rectifier

Why can electricity flow only in one direction through a diode?


Jul 9, 2011 ... Unfortunately, I soldered the diode reversed and it didn't work. When I ... Diodes are constructed to allow current flow in one direction only.