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Traditional grammar defines the object in a sentence as the entity that is ... Various object types are commonly acknowledged: direct, indirect, and prepositional.

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Direct objects can be nouns, pronouns, phrases, or clauses. If you can identify the subject and verb in a sentence, then finding the direct object—if one exists— is ...

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A direct object receives the action performed by the subject. The verb used with a direct object is always an action verb. Another way of saying it is that the ...

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... direct object? See example sentences showing the direct objects. See the definition of Direct Object in Grammar Monster's list of grammar terms and definitions.

A complete sentence must have a subject and a verb: The statements above do meet the requirements of a complete sentence structure, but they might leave us a little curious! We aren't sure what John eats or what (or whom) Lucy watches. This direct object gives us a be... More »
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The subject names the "do-er" or "be-er" of the sentence; the predicate does the rest ... In that sentence, "daughter" is the direct object and "Natasha" is the object  ...

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Unlike a subject, which performs the action in a sentence, a direct object is the receiver of an action, telling who or what received it. Direct objects are always ...

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In a clause or sentence, a direct object is a noun, noun phrase, or pronoun that identifies what or who receives the action of a transitive verb.

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Name: Super Teacher Worksheets - www.superteacherworksheets.com. Sentences with Direct Objects. A direct object is a noun that receives the action of a ...

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In the sentence David plays the piano, the NP the piano is the constituent which ... The Direct Object generally comes after the verb, just as the Subject generally  ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What is a direct object sentence?
A: A direct object of a sentence is the person or thing which is the "receiver " of the action of the verb. In this sentence: I gave my dog a bone. If we ask the q... Read More »
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Q: Spanish direct object sentence help?
A: Tengo el gato. María/Mary come la sopa. Yo bebo el agua (water is masculine in Spanish) Ella tiene el libro. Source(s) Native Spanish speaker. Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Make a sentence with vanish a direct object sentence?
A: phychiatrist Read More »
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Q: What is subject-verb-direct object sentence pattern.
A: The Dr. must have check up the patient. Read More »
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Q: Can vanish be used in a direct object sentence.
A: No. Vanish is not a transitive verb. To say "the magician vanished the rabbit" would not be correct. Read More »
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