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Nabuko Uchida of Child Research Net uses the Japanese concept of "shitsuke" to explain parental discipline of children in Japan. Shitsuke means "discipline" in Japanese. Parents pr...

Ideas for Disciplining Children
Discipline is not the same as punishment. Discipline involves teaching your child right from wrong and coaching her through behaviors so that she has the resources to make the right choices as she grows. Stay calm and be consistent when disciplining your... More »
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Child discipline

Child discipline is a topic that draws from a wide range of interested fields, such as parenting, the professional practice of behavior analysis, developmental ...

Child Discipline Methods: Permissive, Authoritative, and More

How can you provide discipline to your child so that he or she can function well at home and in public? Every parent wants their children to be happy, respectful, ...
If this is the case, it can be helpful to establish a behavior management plan so you can be prepared with how to respond to behavioral issues. The goal of discipline should be to teach your child new skills. For example, if a young child hits his brother because his ... More »
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Six Ways to Discipline Children -- That Work! - WebMD

It's hard to deny the importance of discipline. "Discipline has to do with civilizing your child so they can live in society," says psychiatrist Michael Brody, MD.

Child Discipline - Ways to Discipline Children -

Learn about discipline strategies, temper tantrums, anger management, setting limits, time outs, spanking children, and rewards. Find out everything you need to  ...

Disciplining Your Child - KidsHealth

It's important to be consistent about discipline. If you don't stick to the rules and consequences, kids aren't likely to either. Find out how to vary your approach to ...

Effective Child Discipline | Focus on the Family

It shows us how to provide the kind of discipline that helps our children fulfill their responsibility. If the most important thing for our children to learn is to obey, ...

Effective discipline for children

There is a great deal of controversy about the appropriate ways to discipline children, and parents are often confused about effective ways to set limits and instill ...

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Q: How to a Guide on Discipline For Children
A: Use the least painful method when disciplining children to avoid negative reactions. Never bother using outdated counting methods as a discipline for children; ... Read More »
Q: How to Discipline Adult Children.
A: 1. Establish clear and concrete boundaries together. Boundaries are especially important if your adult child is still living at home, in order to prevent confli... Read More »
Q: How to Instill Discipline in Children
A: 1 Start disciplining your child at a young age to make sure he or she knows the difference between right and wrong . 2 Be sure to praise good behavior . You do ... Read More »
Q: How to Instill Discipline in Children
A: 1 Start disciplining your child at a young age to make sure he or she knows the difference between right and wrong. Ad 2 Be sure to praise good behavior. You do... Read More »
Q: Discipline for children?
A: Have you tried talking to them about it, at a time when you know you've got their attention and affection, letting them know how you feel disrespected. You'll p... Read More »