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a relatively simple expression that determines some of the properties, as the nature of the roots, of a given equation or function.
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In algebra, the discriminant of a polynomial is a function of its coefficients, typically denoted by a capital D or the capital Greek letter delta (Δ). It gives information ...

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Note: In a quadratic equation, the discriminant helps tell you the number of real solutions to a quadratic equation. The expression used to find the discriminant is  ...

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Explains the relationship between the discriminant of the Quadratic Formula and the number of solutions to the equation.

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The number D = b<sup>2</sup> – 4ac determined from the coefficients of the equation ax<sup>2</sup> + bx + c = 0. The discriminant reveals what type of roots the equation has.

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Sal determines how many solutions the equation x²+14x+49=0 has by considering its quadratic formula, and more specifically, its discriminant.

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The discriminant is the part of the quadratic formula underneath the square root symbol: b^2-4ac. If the discriminant tells us whether there are two solutions, one ...

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The Quadratic Equation, Formula, & Discriminant. If ax² + bx + c = 0 then x = . The first equation is called the general form of a quadratic equation. The second ...