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Pouring old gas into storm drains can damage the environment and risk fire. Learn about how to dispose of gasoline safely and responsibly.


I have one of those cherry red gasoline jugs that I use to store gas for my lawnmower. Usually I just re-use the gas from year to year, but I know ...


You should contact your local fire department and/or government agency to determine the rules and restrictions for handling, storing, or disposing of gasoline in ...

Jun 6, 2012 ... I was given @17 gallons of 4 year old gas from a friend when we changed out his fuel pump. I filtered the gas for later use. I found some ...


May 15, 2015 ... Do you have an old lawn mower, boat or car you are hoping to recycle? ... they have very strict requirements about how to dispose of gasoline.


Feb 4, 2013 ... If you find yourself with a bit of old gasoline and you want to know how to properly dispose of it, you should really read this article!


I have just cleaned out a boat fuel tank that had some 10+ year old [censored] inside. I then added some clean gas and swished it around a few ...


Find smart, cost-effective, and easy ways to dispose of hazardous household ... Automotive products: antifreeze, fluids, motor oil, oil filters, gasoline, polish, and ...


Disposal of gasoline and other fuel oil is a unique problem because of the flammability of ... Using up old gasoline or other fuel is the best way to “dispose” of it.