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In the common law legal system, an expungement proceeding is a type of lawsuit in which a ... Each jurisdiction whose law allows expungement has its own definitions of expungement proceedings. ... a...

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Disposition. Act of disposing; transferring to the care or possession of another. The parting with, alienation of, or giving up of property. The final settlement of a ...

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It means "what happened after you were charged" e.g. dismissed, probation, 2 years to serve,etc.

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A disposition date may have different meanings depending on the context. ... but may also be a factor in penalties for subsequent offenses.

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A disposition date may have different meanings depending on the context. ... purposes, but may also be a factor in penalties for subsequent offenses. Disposition ...

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Find a list of charge codes and definition for crimes that may appear on criminal records ... However, if the defendant is found in violation, the case disposition may be ..... Misdemeanor, A less serious crime than a felony; usually a petty offense, ...

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Some common dispositions include not convicted, dismissed, acquitted, and ... is generally a guilty plea or a court's finding of guilt for a crime or an offense.

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General Criminal Disposition Codes and Definitions* ... program designated only for misdemeanor offenses in which the defendant may comply to the conditions ...

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Jan 9, 2014 ... Disposed is a generic legal term meaning the case or proceeding is ... Some examples of the disposition of a case are: conviction, acquittal, ...

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of disqualifying offenses: ✓ 28 – sex offenses ... This means that some low-level crimes may not be found by ... to jail time, etc. Without a disposition, you know.

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Final settlement or verdict. Dictionary - disposition ... In a court case, what does " disposition entered" mean? ... What does "disposition of the offense" mean?

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... on a court docket? Durant, OK | on Jan 10, 2013. i looked online at a court docket and i was wondering what disposition under the discription of a court docket.

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The letter of disposition for courts is an official court document that describes the ... Case Disposition · Definition Disposition of Offense · Disposition Hearing ...