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Indictable offence


In many common law jurisdictions an indictable offence is an offence which can only be tried on ... In relation to England and Wales, the expression "indictable offence" means an offence w...

Disposition legal definition of disposition


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What does the 'disposition of a case' mean in legal circles? - Quora


Dictionary - disposition. ... Generally, it means the outcome or end - judgement has been entered or the case has ... What does "disposition of the offense" mean ?

What does disposition held mean on offense data - Q&A - Avvo


Nov 25, 2009 ... It probably means that a person was held on a charge (that is a judge found there was probable cause to allow the police to charge him).

Disposition Date Law & Legal Definition


A disposition date may have different meanings depending on the context. ... purposes, but may also be a factor in penalties for subsequent offenses. Disposition ...

Need meaning of..Charges Disposed? [Archive] - Prison Talk


WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: dispose of the charges? ... (i) the inmate or person has discharged the sentence for the offense; or

Town of Dewey Beach, DE Classification of Offenses; Disposition


In this chapter when the word "means" is employed defining a word or term, the definition is limited to the meaning given. When the word "includes" is employed  ...

Glossary of Terms


Judicial disposition: The disposition rendered in a case after the judicial decision has ... "Juvenile population: For delinquency and status offense matters, the ... to inflict bodily injury or death by means of a deadly or dangerous weapon with or ...

Offenses Cleared - Crime in the United States 2009 - Fbi


Although agencies may administratively close a case, that does not necessarily mean that the agency can clear the offense for UCR purposes. To clear an ...

Military Justice Overview - Victim and Witness Assistance Council


The commander may dispose of the offense with nonjudicial punishment. Article 15, UCMJ, is a means of handling minor offenses requiring immediate ...

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What is Disposition of the offense - Answers


It means "what happened after you were charged" e.g. dismissed, probation, 2 years to serve,etc.

What does disposition mean on a court docket? - Q&A - Avvo


Jan 10, 2013 ... ... and i was wondering what disposition under the discription of a court docket. ... How can I get a first offense misdemeanor domestic battery ...

What does Offense Disposition: waived for court - Q&A - Avvo


Oct 15, 2014 ... The case is now considered closed. Don't know if that changes the meaning of these terms either. Found these terms and everything on a ...