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50 Sick and Disturbing Horror Movies - How many have you seen?

For the hardcore only....come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!

17 Disturbing Horror Movies You Will Never Watch Again « Taste of ...

Dec 21, 2013 ... Horror films are supposed to scare us, creep us out, and make us feel uncomfortable. But sometimes, there are films that go so far outside of the ...

25 Horror Films That Would've Given Ted Bundy Nightmares - Fade In

Not all are traditional horror films, per se, but psychological horror can be just as disturbing, and all are safe bets to challenge even the strongest of stomachs.
The group that owns the rights to the short story upon which Alfred Hitchcock's classic Rear Window was based (the author, Cornell Woolrich, having died in 1968) has sued the makers of the thriller Disturbia for using the plot without permission. This should be an inte... More »
By Mark H. Harris, Guide

The 25 most disturbing movies of all time | GamesRadar

Won't lie, you need a strong stomach for this feature. The last decade has seen a real swathe of sicker-than-thou films, made by 'rather imaginative' directors ...

IMDb: the 20 most disturbing horror movies be warned - a list by ...

Apr 24, 2014 ... In future Britain, charismatic delinquent Alex DeLarge is jailed and volunteers for an experimental aversion therapy developed by the ...

10 Deeply Disturbing Horror Films You Probably Missed

Feb 11, 2013 ... While some of these films may have their charms, they steal the limelight from far better, more disturbing horror films. Golden oldie go unrated.

10 Most Disturbing Horror Movies Of All Time -

Jul 30, 2015 ... I know when I find a movie disturbing because I get a headache from .... There are a lot of actual scary moments in this film (a lot of them include ...

15 Most Disturbing And Scary Movies Ever - Movies Talk

So, here's the list of 15 most scary and disturbing movies that changed cinematic entertainment when it comes to thrillers or horror movies. Prepare for some ...

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Q: A very disturbing horror movie?
A: The Mist.........the monsters in the movie are not as scary as the choices the people make and how they react with in the grocery store to the unknown. The endi... Read More »
Q: Best disturbing horror movies?
A: the mos disturbing one i have seen i the devil's much guts! Read More »
Q: What is the best disturbing horror movie without nastiness?
A: The Exorcist is one the best all time horror movies.ChaCha... Read More »
Q: How strong or disturbing is the Horror part of the movie The Last...
A: I didn't think it was all that bad, it's not horror, just a man with a hood. It's a bit gorry at the one part, just an Indian bleeding a lot. it's not a kid's m... Read More »
Q: How to Edit a Horror Movie.
A: Things You'll Need. Video footage and sound and music elements to be used for the horror movie. Computer. Video-editing program. Instructions. Read the script a... Read More »