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Sep 27, 2011 ... Bearded dragon bites my Finger ... do the bites hurt? .... I don't mean to be that guy but if you do that to often he will see your hand as food.

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Do they bite? The bearded dragon is normally a docile lizard and rarely aggressive towards us humans unless we go out our way to provoke them, most often ...

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A bite from an adult dragon whos frightened can hurt yes, but not as ... Bacteria wise there is far more bacteria in a cats mouth than a beardies.

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A dragon can go through a phase during which he turns from a lovable little lizard ... The manager at the store I bought her from told me that she had bitten him ...

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Anything with teeth can bite. However, the chances of a bearded dragon biting you are very slim. Most captive bred animals (like bearded dragons) are born with ...

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The Bearded Dragon is enjoying tremendous popularity here in the United States and ... their native Australia, it is possible to pick up a wild Dragon without fear of being bitten. ... This can only be accomplished through perseverance and trust.

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Housing: Younger smaller bearded dragons can start out in a 20 gallon aquarium , but adults do need a 50 ... In general beardies do not bite or snap at people.

why does my bearded dragon try to bite me He is only 4 months


Hello,. Is this a make or female? Can you tell me about the set up? Diet? Prey/ Greens? Substrate? Supplements? UVB? Type coil or tube? How old? Area to ...

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Bearded dragon bites is a soft moist ready to eat food designed for Bearded ..... I am still hoping we can gradually convert him to salads, since beardies do best ...
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Bearded dragon bites is a soft moist ready to eat food designed for Bearded Dragons ..... My dragons were mildly interested in this---I do mix it with greens in the ...

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Discover what all the behaviors of your bearded dragon mean, including ... Bearded dragons can sometimes do strange things, but this can sometimes be ... of aggressive behavior, and if you provoke them enough they may try and bite you.

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I got a bearded dragon because all the research I did showed me that bearded dragons were always "calm" and ... Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated! ... BITE it!!!!". Your hand should approach from a horizontal direction.

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However, he can kill small prey with a mild venom, according to research ... In 2005, Australian scientists discovered that when a bearded dragons bites his prey, ...