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Sea turtles excrete salts through tear ducts. "Crying" is visible when out of water. The salt gland is an organ for excreting excess salts. It is found in elasmobranchs (sharks, rays, and skates), seabirds, and some reptiles. Sharks' glands are found in their rectum, birds' and reptiles' in or on the skull ... evolutionary development does not account for the gland in elasmobranchs, ...


Birds moisturize their eyes throughout the day with small amounts of ... If you mean to cry like a human, with tears erupting as the result of pain ...


Oct 19, 2009 ... What does it sound like when doves cry? ... of Winnipeg, like humans, birds have tear ducts which secrete watery tears that protect the eye.


Apr 26, 2016 ... So it's not surprising that his hit "When Doves Cry" raises more ... Birds, and doves specifically, can and do produce tears of the latter version.


No they do not, birds do not have tear ducts or salivary glands. If you see a wet beak or eyes, something is wrong with the bird. If it is a pet and ...


Dec 9, 2008 ... All animals can shed tears. ... Studies have found that young mammals and birds cry with distress when they are separated from their mothers.


People may argue about whether or not birds can feel emotions, but I truly believe ... Grey parrots, and Timneh Greys, they may actually secrete bloody tears!


Jul 28, 2015 ... But does the bird actually feel the same great sadness that the image evokes in us? ... and emitting soft calls, perhaps in a cry out to her missing chicks. ... If birds do mourn, it seems some rebound more quickly than others. .... I can hear him (?) from my house at all hours and it brings tears to my eyes.


Birds cannot cry, they scream for help by squawking loudly. ... Eagles & cormorants have tear ducts, so, yes. ... When you kill birds eggs does the mom cry?