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Blind people do not see black, because blind people see nothing. Total blindness is a condition in which no visual signals are being received by the eyes or interpreted by the brai...

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Aug 13, 2014 ... Just as blind people do not sense the color black, we do not sense anything at all in place of our lack of sensations for magnetic fields or ...

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Feb 25, 2015 ... BBC journalist Damon Rose completely lost his sight as a child, but he says his world isn't pitch black. So what exactly does he see? It's often ...

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Mar 19, 2013 ... Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, answers the popular question " What do you see?" 2nd Channel: ...

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Blind from birth - Nothing. I never saw anything. Therefore, I cannot see black because I do not know what black is. I see abyss as I do not now nor have I ever ...

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Jul 18, 2014 ... ELI5: Do blind people just see the color black, or just nothing at all? ... Do they ' see' black or is the whole concept of sight non-existent to them?

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Dec 14, 2009 ... You don't see black with your elbow. You don't see with it at all. There are some exceptions to this. Sometimes people who are totally blind will ...

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Yes, people blind or even born blind see in their dreams in the same color and way as a natural ... Even if you do not want to call it "the collective unconscious," it has been shown that you do receive .... Does Black count?

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May 12, 2007 ... completely blind people see nothing. they don't see black or gray or ... if your eyes get messed up the right way, you do indeed see black at first.

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Jan 24, 2012 ... Recent research suggests that totally blind people can interpret some amount of light. ... which do well with conditions of low light, and cones, which excel at .... Tarantula in Black: Dark, Hairy Spider Named After Johnny Cash.

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Q: Do blind people "see" black?
A: As you stated, it depends on the type of blindness. Most people who are considered blind have some sort of vision. It can consist of distorted colors and shapes... Read More »
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Q: Do blind people see black?
A: Someone I know is blind and he says he doesn't see black and that he sees literally nothing, which is a really hard thing to comprehend. He could see until he w... Read More »
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Q: Do blind people see black or white?
A: black Read More »
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Q: Do blind people see black or white?
A: what i want to know is why would you ask a question that has to be answered with any certainty by a blind person, on a computer? How many blind people do you th... Read More »
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Q: Do blind people see black or do they see nothing?
A: Blind people do not see anything, not even black.The same way you Read More »
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