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There are various reactions patients experience to having spacers placed ... and would be more uncomfortable than the actual braces.

I just got spacers about 4 hours ago. I felt just a pinch when I ...


... braces. I am wondering are they going to hurt more then the spacers, and how can I relieve the pain. ... Braces Hurt a little bit but not as much as spacers. ... If you do constantly get cuts in one spot, use wax on your braket.

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When there is not enough space between the teeth, braces cannot be put on. When a you ... Metal spacers are more painful than rubber spacers. In some ... If you are chewing gum or eating a chewy piece of candy, you do not need to worry .

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When you hear the news that you're going to have spacers for braces ... option of having braces fitted or have already committed to the process, then ... separators have more work to do in creating a sufficient gap between these cramped teeth.

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You may not need spacers, but, if you do, having the rubber bands between your ... u-shaped wires [4] into your braces (one on top and one on the bottom), then ... When you first get your braces on, your teeth will hurt for a few days, as they ... The more often you break off brackets, the longer you will be wearing your braces .

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Jan 26, 2010 ... im getting my braces this friday!...anyways W...when you get spacers,It kinda hurts,but the ... Does spacers hurt more than the actual braces?

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i remember spacers hurting more than braces. neither hurt badly ... and braces for 4 years.. Spacers don't hurt as much as braces do, at least in my experience.

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An orthodontic band is the older style of braces that are usually used in the ... Orthodontic bands are able to take the chewing forces better than a bonded ... It is more durable and has less chance of becoming loose. ... Next post: How do I get rid of these sores in the corners of my mouth? ... How Long will My Braces Hurt?

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Apr 23, 2008 ... ... or spacers??? And do braces hurt ALOT or arnt they too bad? ... Braces hurt more than spacers, but braces aren't that bad either. Source(s): I ...

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It feels like you have something stuck between your teeth -- and you do! In some cases it may be more than just uncomfortable; it may ache. If so, take pain ...

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Q: Do Braces Hurt more than Spacers?
A: Update 2: Also what kind of foods can you eat with braces. Please be specific! spacers are just little donut shaped rings that seperate your teeth what hurts is... Read More »
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Q: Do braces hurt more than spacers?
A: Braces only ache for a few days, and when you get them tightened, its not that painful! Source(s) Got braces, had spacers. Read More »
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Q: Do braces hurt more than spacers?
A: On One Hand: Braces can be Fairly Irritating Pain related to braces varies from person to person. If your orthodontist wants to adjust your teeth great deal, th... Read More »
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Q: Do spacers hurt more than braces.
A: To me, spacers hurt. less. than braces! But for some people its the other way around! Hope this helps! Read More »
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Q: Why do my bottom braces hurt more than my top?
A: Though both top & bottom are supposed to feel the same, most people say the bottom ones give them more pain. Braces date all the way back to ancient times accor... Read More »
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