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Oct 24, 2013 ... Yes and no. Carrots contain vitamin A, or retinol, and this is required for your body to synthesise rhodopsin, which is the pigment in your eyes ...


Jun 2, 2017 ... So, do carrots actually help us see better? ... "When you eat a carrot, you're helping your body take a light source [and interpret it]. ... (Sweet potatoes can provide even more vitamin A than carrots do, and dark leafy greens like ...


Carrots Help you See at Night. Are Carrots Good for your Vision? Everyone has probably heard that eating carrots is good for your eyes. However, is there any ...


Oct 12, 2015 ... By Grace Paget, science writer. It's long been said that carrots help you to see in the dark, but it has become synonymous with encouraging ...


Sep 8, 2006 ... Carrots really do help you see in the dark; beta-carotene-rich foods help prevent a variety of eye ailments.


Please do NOT use the photos in this page for your project, without asking for permission. ... Carrots improve your eyesight and help you see in the dark.


Aug 13, 2013 ... But carrots cannot help you see better in the dark any more than eating .... It had nothing to do with eating carrots, nor with any other vision loss.


Jun 23, 2014 ... Can scarfing carrots really help you see better in the dark?


Parents will tell their kids that spinach will make you big and strong or that broccoli ... Soon, it was mandated that everyone should eat carrots so they could see ...


No. http://www.snopes.com/food/ingre... says that this is disinformation spread by the British air ministry during WWII to explain why pilots could see German bombers ...