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Chameleons or chamaeleons (family Chamaeleonidae) are a distinctive and highly specialized .... Like snakes, chameleons do not have an outer or a middle ear, so there is neither an ear opening nor an eardrum. However, chameleons are ...


That's because, unlike many other animals, chameleons don't have outer ear structures. They do have two microscopic holes on each side of their heads close  ...


Chameleons do not have ears. They lack both an outer ear, or the lobe or flap on the outside of the head, and a middle ear, or the structure that captures and ...


Nov 28, 2012 ... Armed with a tongue you have to see to believe, the chameleon may be .... Like snakes, chameleons do not have an outer or a middle ear so ...


Chameleons do not have ears or an ear canal. Yet they are able to hear sounds! Chameleons can hear low tones with a membrane on the side of their head.


Check out our range of fun chameleon facts for kids. Learn why ... Chameleons are not deaf but they do not actually have ear openings. Many species of ...


May 22, 2005 ... I just noticed something odd about chameleons: no signs of ears. .... Do you have any advice for me will my chameleon make a full recovery.


In addition to the fused toes though, chameleons also have sharp claws on ... of a mistake since chameleons do not actually possess an outer or a middle ear!


Jun 3, 2015 ... Male and female chameleons have different coloring. ... They typically stay in trees or bushes, though some species do live on the ground.