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Along with their relatives, viscachas, they make up the family Chinchillidae. The chinchilla ... Chinchillas are popular pets, but require much care. They need ...

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Chinchillas have many characteristics that make them great pets. However, they are not suited for everyone. I do not suggest them for children because they are ...

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Chinchillas have lots of qualities widely considered desirable in a pet, from cuteness ... They do much better in pairs than alone, requiring lots of daily attention if ... it as needed for up to 20 years, chinchillas can make a good pet for your home.

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Nov 7, 2011 ... Chinchillas are soft furry rodent creature & can be great pets for older children. ... and have lots of time on my hands will a chinchilla be good for me? ... thousands of dollars so other pets might make it difficult to take care of. .... 60-70 degrees?! wtf do you want to boil them or something you sick bastards.

Is a Chinchilla the Right Pet for You? - YouTube


Dec 6, 2012 ... Chinchillas make great pets however not everyone is right for them, are you? ... I do run the Ac in my house often but not all the time.

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Country Living's vet, Dr. Rob Sharp of Hillsboro, Ohio, answers your pet ... I've heard that chinchillas make good pets, but also that they tend to get lonely. Should ...

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Profile of chinchillas as pets, basic information about chinchillas and basic care information. ... Exotic Pets Expert. Share .... Do Sugar Gliders Make Good Pets?

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Chinchillas can make good pets as long as the owner knows what to expect. Most chinchillas don't like to cuddle, and they must...

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Chinchillas do not make good pets for anyone who has allergies to animal fur or dust. They do not always make the best pets for children, as they do not like to ...



Chinchillas are nocturnal -- they will be very active at night. 2. ... They do and WILL bite if threatened, therefore do not make a particularly good pet for small ...

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Q: Do chinchillas make good pets?
A: I want a Chinchilla so bad. : Anyways, Chinchilla's can make great pets! They aren't really cuddly animals and dont like to be handled. They will hop on your ha... Read More »
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Q: Do chinchillas make good pets?
A: absolutly...they do not smell they harldy if ever shed...rarely mat too much noise they are cute and fluffy ....we have 2 chichi toto a noel the sweetest things... Read More »
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Q: Do chinchillas make good pets?
A: Hello, 1. It depends on what you want in a pet. Mine are very bouncy and active and love sleeping in shirts during the day. I think they are the best pet in the... Read More »
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Q: Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets?
A: A small rodent, the chinchilla stands approximately 12 inches tall. Its luxurious, soft fur has been coveted in the fur trade since the 16th century. Each hair ... Read More »
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Q: Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets?
A: Most Do. Chinchillas who are handled and played with from birth almost always love people. Many chinchillas who have never been handled can learn to love people... Read More »
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