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However, ferrets do not have to be smelly, and particularly pet ferrets that live within the home rather than in outdoor hutches smell very little, if at all, and so you ...

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Ferrets are meant to smell musky, there is really nothing you can do about it. It might make your ferret smell good for about a day, then they'll go right back to ...

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control the odor. With the use of the right methods and supplies, a ferret smells no worse than a dog or a cat. Though ferrets do have a slight musk to them, ...

Plowing Through Life: How Bad Does A Ferret Smell?


Mar 19, 2010 ... There is a common misconception that ferrets smell worse than cats or ... Do not bathe your ferret often; this will only intensify his ferrety scent.

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How do you get rid of ferret smell? I have come up with a few solutions for you here.

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By Matthew Humphries. Ferrets have an odor all their own, much like any other pet. Some people like the musky scent, while a few can't stand it, many people ...

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Everyone keeps telling me that getting a ferret is a terrible idea, because they will make your ... And also, what are some things you can do to lessen the smell?

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Let me tell you about the ferret smell…a wet dog smells a whole lot worse than ... what you can, and what you shouldn't do, to diminish your fuzzy from smelling.

Ferrety Odors - Ferret Friendly Facts and Advice by Erika Matulich


The anal scent sacs do not contribute significantly to the smell of the ferret. The natural ferret odor comes from the other musk glands in the skin. Smelling a ferret  ...

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"Stink" is a loaded word. While it's true that ferrets have an odor, whether or not they stink depends on various factors, including the sensitivity of a person's ...