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Goldfish sit at the bottom of a tank when they are not well, often because toxins have built up in the water. Goldfish are usually active, and lethargy is a sign of...

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Feb 11, 2012 ... Yesterday, one of my fish starting sitting at the bottom of the tank and his fins are ... My advice for anyone that may encounter a bottom sitting goldfish: do an ...

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They can survive in algae-filled water and muddy conditions, but they do need room to swim ... would occur in a bowl, the fish would react by sitting still at the bottom. ... Goldfish Gender Identification · How to Keep a Goldfish Tank's Water Clear ...

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Aug 15, 2016 ... If you don't have a large tank on hand, the best thing you can do ... (Read about what size tank a goldfish needs.) ... Sits on the bottom

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Mar 5, 2008 ... Listless floating or lethargy; Lurking on the bottom; Goldfish hiding in the ... my goldfish does nothing but hide at the bottom of his tank, he only ... i just bot a new goldfish.its quite big.it just sits at the bottom of the tank.when i ...

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My calico goldfish has recently started laying on the bottom of the tank, it'll move ... What size is your tank and how many goldfish do you have?

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Amazing tips help you find out if your goldfish is sick. ... goldfish getting black on fins; goldfish sitting on bottom of tank; floating near surface or on the ... if all your goldfish are affected you need to do a 40% water change and check the water ...

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Nov 2, 2013 ... He comes up fine to eat but spends a lot of the time at the bottom, is he just ... Goldfish tank 1: Beautiful ranchu aquarium, do goldfish need light ...

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Goldfish staying at bottom of tank. ... Lately he has been staying at the bottom of the tank, nor moving ... Is there anything we can do for him?

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Jun 3, 2014 ... Unable to swim, difficulty in breathing, lazy, sits at the bottom of the tank..... ... Does your goldfish have bladder problems? - Duration: 4:42.