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Jul 22, 2014 ... Just where about does hedgehogs fit into the smell to room ratio? ... with a hedgehog that smelled, what did you personally do to remedy the ...

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So, I've heard a lot of people say hedgehogs don't smell at all! But, on the other hand, someone people say that they smell A LOT!

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Feb 5, 2015 ... And let's admit it, some pets can smell pretty bad. Let me give you some good news, though. Hedgehogs DO NOT stink, well, if you remember ...

Is There A Way To Lessen Or Nullify A Hedgehog's Smell? - Find ...


Jun 10, 2009 ... I know there are ways to lessen the smell for mice and ferrets and other .... I thought about getting a hedgehog once-how do you care for one?

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Jul 17, 2009 ... So, what can I actually do with my hedgehog besides watching him? ... Hedgehogs do not take up much space and are not smelly (as long as ...

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Feb 6, 2015 ... Hedgehogs make great pets for those who are patient and dedicated. ... you've worn for a day to its enclosure so it gets accustomed to your smell. ... under the wheel, since that is where hedgehogs do most of their business.

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Jan 12, 2009 ... I have sugar gliders now and they freaking STINK and no one told me ... I am now looking into getting a Hedgehog and I need to know, Do they ...

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Hedgehogs do not have dander like cats, dogs, or other animals, so they are a better pet ... cage and hedgehog that is fed a good diet typically does not smell.

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Their quills can hurt if you are not used to handling a hedgehog. I feel baby ... Gloves do not allow your hedgehogs to smell you, or feel you. Below is a video on ...

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Hedgehogs can self-anoint at a very early age even before their eyes are fully opened. ... or that anoint with a particularly colorful or smelly substance may need a bath. ... We don't want to make you fearful of a hedgehog bite but we do want to  ...

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Q: Do hedgehogs stink?
A: Clean a hedgehog cage once a week and its fine. Read More »
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Q: Do hedgehogs stink?
A: Yes they smell if you do not take care of them. They are very similar to a hamster, so yes, they Read More »
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Q: Do hedgehogs stink?
A: Hedgehogs are not rodents and do not have that typical rodent smell and therefore don't have very much body odor at all. If you compare the size of a hedgehog a... Read More »
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Q: Do hedgehogs stink, if so how bad?
A: They dont stink at all ! If u take care of of them right they need a good sized cage a wheel they have to have a wheel! and a chicken soup for the cat lovers so... Read More »
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Q: I got a hedgehog not to long ago maby like 6 months ago.i was hop...
A: A lot of people get hedgehogs because they're cute and run into this problem. If you really want to find a good home for your hedgehog, don't give it to some ra... Read More »
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