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A converter box is a tuner that converts a signal from digital to analog so that a digital ... On the other hand, if you do have an HDTV, you'll only need a DTA if you use a VCR. ... How Do I Know if I am Seeing High Definition on my HDTV?


Jan 17, 2011 ... What do I need to start receiving HDTV, especially the local channels, in my area on my TV? Digital Converter Box has published a great article regarding this question. “With the growing popularity of HDTV, viewers are ...


A digital converter box will soon be required for TVs that aren't connected to digital cable. Find out if you'll ... To receive digital television signals, some people need a converter box. If you live in the ... 5 Things to Do Before Buying an HDTV.


If you have a HDTV with a digital tuner, then you don't need anything else to receive HDTV. ... Do I need a converter box for my HDTV? Do I need a converter box ...


It's almost unbelievable to me but virtually everyone is giving you bad advice. If your TV is a HD set and it has a coaxial connector on the back to hook ...


I recently got a Panasonic HDTV set (Tau series. pure flat stereo model) ... who already moved out. was wondering if i need a converter box for it to ... Solvedhow do I set up my hdtv to a standard cable box not using hd cable ...


If you have an old tube TV, you will need a digital TV converter box in order to get free ... Even if you buy a Sony 40" wide screen HDTV, the savings from cancelling cable ... My converter box purchased has a hdmi port (input) with adding on roku .... i cant pick up any channels...just says no signal..do i need a converter box?


A converter box is not needed to watch programming from an antenna if the HDTV has a built-in digital tuner. All TVs manufactured after March 2008 are ...


If digital TV is so high tech, why do I still need a cable box if I have a digital HD TV ? I purchased an LCD 1080p w 120 Hz, digital tuner, etc.


Though many people need a converter box to serve their needs, not all do. ... The most common quality levels currently available are SDTV, HDTV, and EDTV.