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This is a list of laws concerning air guns by country. While in some countries air guns are not .... Air guns with a muzzle energy over 16 J (12 ft·lbf) require the same licence as ... The storage requirements for firearms do not apply to air guns (cf.


Do I need more than one certificate if I own several air weapons? No. An air weapon ... What guns are not covered by the new law? The new law does not ...


Oct 28, 2011 ... The legal muzzle-energy limit for air rifles is 12ft.lb and for pistols, 6ft.lb. You do not require any form of licence for sub legal-limit airguns.


Feb 26, 2016 ... Airgun owners are given six months to licence their weapons before new ... we will do all that we can to help the many legitimate air weapon users in ... will not require a new certificate until their existing one is due for renewal.


What caliber air gun can I use? .177 caliber through .22 caliber air guns can be used. Q3. What license do I need to hunt with an air gun? A basic firearm license  ...


It is estimated that there are over six million air rifles in England and Wales, the vast ... to achieve Best Practice, any deviation from which would need justification . ... and provided you are doing it for one of the reasons allowed by the licence.


Feb 9, 2016 ... Any firearm that uses a compressed CO2 or air cartridge or other similar mechanism to launch ... Do I need a Permit to Have a BB Gun? ... Under the statute, a license to carry a handgun is subject to investigation and approval.


Q: Is a license required to possess an air gun (i.e. bb or pellet guns, so-called air ... Q: Do I need an FID Card or an LTC Firearms to possess a gun in my home?


The most common question we hear is "Is an Airgun a Firearm" or "Do I need a ... or want an airgun, stick to .177 (4.5mm) or .20 caliber (5mm) where no license ...


Aug 5, 2016 ... A licence will be needed for air rifles, air guns and paintball markers, irrespective of the muzzle energy or calibre or bore, according to the new ...