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Know Before You Go: Root Canals - Ask the Dentist


Jan 12, 2015 ... If you've been told you need a root canal, here's what to ask and how ... but I'm wondering if I really do need a root canal (maybe I'm in denial?) ...

Do I Really Need A Root Canal?


Preventive dentistry for the layman in simple terms - how to take care of and whiten the teeth and gums and information on preventing or reducing the damage ...

Myths About Root Canals and Root Canal Pain


AAEorg debunks common myths about root canals, including whether a root canal ... As always, when considering any medical procedure, you should get as  ...

How do you know if you need root canal treatment? | Signs ...


The signs and symptoms of needing root canal treatment. | Swelling | Pain | How a diagnosis is made. | Tests | Reading x-rays. | What to do if you notice ...

Do I Need a Root Canal? - Colgate


Find out the signs and symptoms that may prompt you to ask a dentist.

Why is a root canal necessary? - Root Canal Cost, Pain, and Recovery


May 24, 2016 ... The pain that comes from a tooth needing a root canal is fairly specific. ... them think they need root canal treatment, but the pain is a symptom ...

Teeth Pain: When You Need a Root Canal - Crest


The cause of tooth pain could serious decay or an infection in the tooth pulp; your dentist may recommend a root canal. Learn more at Crest Pro-Health.

Do I need this root canal? - dental work resolved | Ask MetaFilter


Do I really need a root canal on a tooth that has no symptoms, but that .... intend to do after the root canal -- replacement filling, crown/cap, etc.

Avoid Root Canals - Healthy Root Canal Home Page


I really can't stress enough that I hope that statistic can actually be reversed. And that the numbers of root canals or the need for root canals decreases because ... This is where, instead of doing a root canal, we can do a laser nerve treatment ...

Root Canals: Process, Causes, Problems, Surgery, Recovery, and ...


Root canals don't have a great reputation among dental patients. ... Why Does Tooth Pulp Need to Be Removed? ... Do Your Kids Have Good Dental Habits?

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Why You Should Avoid Root Canals Like the Plague - Mercola


Nov 16, 2010 ... Dr. George Meinig, author of "Root Canal Cover Up," discusses the dangers of root ... Those that need oxygen mutate and become able to get along without it. ... You really have to visualize the tooth structure -- all of those ...

“My dentist says I need a root canal. What are my options ...


Jan 31, 2015 ... We do enjoy being the educated friend to help you think through your options, ... If the dentist is accurate about the 'need' for a root canal (which we'll ... we simply don't have it in us right now to really make the shift necessary.

Alternative to Root Canals - The Center For Natural Dentistry


First off, if you really need a root canal, then that means the damage has gone ... Unfortunately, too many dentists do root canals for the wrong reasons and you ...