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Twins are two offspring produced by the same pregnancy. Twins can be either monozygotic ("identical"), meaning that they develop .... Identical twins do not have the same fingerprints, due...

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Identical twins may either have their own separate placentas or they may ... despite a shared placenta, but after eight days they will also be in the same sac ...

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Identical twins that share a single placenta are called monochorionic twins (MC). ... As a result, although identical twins usually share the same genetic material, ...

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Jul 30, 2009 ... People think that identical twins have to look exactly the same and ... Of course they do look a little different now, one is heavier than the other.

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Twins are always identical when they share the same amnion and chorion ( known ... the resulting identical twins will likely have separate placentas, chorions , and ... spontaneously, but they do consider identical twinning to be non- hereditary.

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... types of twins? Do the words dizygotic and monozygotic have you cross-eyed? ... monozygotic monoamniotic diamniotic monochorionic dichorionic twins. ... 1 in 50 people is a fraternal twin in the USA, and 1 in 150 is an identical twin. 1/3 of ...

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Sep 2, 2016 ... The twins' placentas may have been discarded or damaged before twin ... Fraternal twins will not have the exact same DNA, although, like ...

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Oct 22, 2007 ... However, if you have twins with seperate placentas or amniotic ... as about 10-12 weeks if they share the same placenta or amniotic sac. .... they each have their own placenta and do not share one, therefore, they are fraternal.

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On the other hand, having identical twins has nothing to do with the genes! ... Identical twins normally share one placenta, but each can have their own amniotic sac. ... Of course identical twins are the same gender and share the same DNA.

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Do all identical twins share an amniotic sac or can they have separate ones? ... Typically identical twins have the same placenta but different amniotic sacs (see  ...

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Both babies share one placenta and one outer membrane, but they each have their ... On the other hand, you could have non-identical twins of the same sex.

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Feb 3, 2010 ... So if it is the same placenta, they MUST BE identical twins. It is still possible for .... No they do not have to look alike. both are the same sex.

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Twin pregnancy - identical and fraternal twins - single fertilized egg splits ... Most of the time in identical twins the zygote will split after 2 days, resulting in a shared placenta, but ... Very occasionally, twins will also share the same sac (fluid cavity) . .... Most twin pregnancies do result in healthy babies and healthy mothers...