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Genetic history of Italy


Although Italy has been a favorite subject for numerous population genetic studies, genetic patterns have never been analyzed .... Ultimately, the North African male contribution to Sicily was estim...

When Italians were “Blacks”: The dark-skinned Sicilians | Rasta ...


Dec 1, 2013 ... ... sicily by the Normans. Sicilians are not italian theres a big diffrence do your history right. Ll europeans have some extent of african heritage.

Sicilians have 10% sub-Saharan African DNA | Ethnic Genome Project


Mar 2, 2009 ... They do have an above average amount of black DNA, but so do all white people . ... But there is a lot more total African heritage. ... Sicily and southern Italy may have been the slave drop of points, and therefore would have ...

Aryan(Nordic Alpine) Aliens: Do Italians have black ancestry?


Oct 3, 2008 ... RM goes even further and claims "genetic studies demonstrate conclusively that Italians, north and south, have no more black ancestry than ...

Why do we hide African ancestry in European countries? Why do we ...


It's no question that most Sicilians and most Italians south of Salerno have African ancestors. I live around nothing BUT Italians, Puerto Ricans ...

Spanish Have Substantial North African Ancestry - LiveScience


Jun 3, 2013 ... The team found that for Southwestern Europeans (those from Italy, Spain ... ancestry in these populations was actually the result of North African lineage. ... all these events, but with modern DNA it can be quite hard to do that.

The Black Origins of Italians - YouTube


Oct 18, 2011 ... The Black Origins of Italians ... Septimius Severus - One of the African emperors of Rome - Duration: 4:28. by ItalianBrownSkin 1,123 views.

do italians have black ancestry? | Yahoo Answers


Feb 13, 2014 ... Best Answer: They have mostly north African and a small amount of sub saharan but many will deny it. They think they're as pure as Swedes or ...



Jan 22, 2009 ... ITALIANS have black blood in them i believe it ... Am sicilian and I have black ancestry so it might have been from the sicilian part of me? ... you readers, and you are not sure if you do or do not have black DNA, get tested.

UPDATED!!! The Truth About Italian DNA - YouTube


Mar 12, 2014 ... Italians have some of the same blood and genes that Norwegians, Vikings, ... Do not bother with the cuban subhuman mutt, a pure joke! .... SPICS have the highest frequency of sub-Saharan African ancestry informative ...

Popular Q&A
Q: Do Italians have black ancestry?
A: Of course they do. RM wants to have it both ways by claiming non-white blood in Northern Europeans makes them "impure" but black blood in Italians should be ign... Read More »
Source: www.white-history.com
Q: Why do Italians have Black ancestry, but Northern Europeans don't...
A: Italians do NOT have any Black ancestry. I'm of pure Italian ancestry and as you may see by my Avatar picture,I'm NOT Sub Saharan Black African looking! Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Do Italians or Spaniards have more Black Ancestry?
A: Yes they do. But I see it more with Italians, especially those in Sicilly. Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Do Italian people have black in them?
A: In various studies, around 2% Sub-Saharan DNA markers were found in Italy. With the exception of Portugal which has as much as 8%, mostly all European countries... Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: How do Sicilians have black ancestry?
A: Sicilians have 4.4% African mtDNA (maternal) But there is a lot more total Read More »
Source: www.chacha.com