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Big Brother 11 was the eleventh season of the American reality television series Big Brother. .... This season did, however, see the return of the Big Brother: After Dark ... The winner of the Power of Veto competition won the right to save one of the ..... Despite Jessie's nominations, Casey, Jeff, Jordan, and Michele were still ...


The Dual Power of Veto was only used in the first week of Big Brother 13. ... At the Power of Veto competition, two vetoes will be won, rather than the .... "License to Veto", Michelle ... 11, "Pop Goes the Veto!" Russell. "The Big Brother Mint", Jeff.


Big Brother 11 is the eleventh season of the American reality television series Big ... Each week the houseguests voted to evict one of their own until two ..... Jeff Schroeder won the "Can Do" HOH competition and was crowned HOH for the first time. ... At the Veto competition, Michele won her third POV of the season and ...


Sep 3, 2009 ... Michele says she had promised Jeff her vote but after his “Sketchy ..... Still, I believe the final prediction of Natalie winning BB 11 will likely ..... Diamond Veto for a player already evicted??? .... Wasn't Nasty just saying the other night how Hoh meant nothing,it was the POV that had all the power this week.


Sep 3, 2009 ... Big Brother 11 Jeff's Secret Power Edition and Live Show Results. ... Evict : Jeff Michele votes to Evict: Jordan ... Julie said Pandora's box isn't over and will still change the game… ..... colleen is supposed to get killed off maybe next week ..... Jordan or Michele need to win the veto so they can get Kevin out.


Jul 14, 2011 ... Season 11: Episode 16 - Jeff Uses the Power of Coup D'etat ... After Kevin decides not to use the Power of Veto, Chima tells him “good job,†because she did not want her ... heads so that he can stay in the house for yet another week. ... to a head. “I’m playing the game to win.†Russell says.


Jul 14, 2011 ... Big Brother: Jessie\'s Eviction Devastates Some House Guests and Energizes Others - on CBS.com. ... After Jessie is nominated, Chima tells Jeff that he is being power ... admits that he “is nervous as hell†over Michele winning HoH. .... Russell, Kevin and Lydia then find that they are safe for the week.


All stories about Big Brother 11 as part of reality blurred's coverage of reality TV news; ... Jessie Godderz will return to Big Brother, according to the most ... Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother 11 are on Amazing Race 16, which is now taping ... Well, that was uneventful: Kevin won the power of veto, saved himself, and Jordan ...


Here you'll find the latest spoilers and state of Big Brother 11 along with details of how each ... Click the names to learn more about the events that week. ... Nominated: Jeff and Michele Power of Veto: Michele ... Big Brother 19: Will You Apply?


Sep 15, 2009 ... Jeff won the vote for America's favorite player and $25,0000. ... Big Brother: Natalie Nominates Kevin, Michelle for Eviction ... But she's ineligible to compete for the Power of Veto because she chose to open Pandora's Box instead. ... There will be a repeat of Pandora's Box this week, only this time Julie ...