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Among followers of modern Judaism, Jesus is viewed as having been the most influential Jew ... The belief that Jesus is God, the Son of God, or a person of the Trinity, is incompatible ... Modern Jews believe Jesus of Nazareth did not fulfill messianic prophecies that ..... Jews do not accept Jesus as the messiah because:


Jesus is the central figure of Christianity, believed by Christians to be the messiah, the son of God and the second person in the Trinity. But what do Jews believe ...


A man, a myth or a God? ... What Do Jews Believe About Jesus? ... answer: Judaism does not consider Jesus to be a prophet, the messiah, or the son of God.


Apr 20, 2017 ... Many Jewish people will explain that they do not believe in Jesus simply ... the Jews of rejecting their Messiah and killing the Son of God.


Mar 6, 2004 ... Jews do not accept Jesus as the messiah because: ... It usually refers to a person initiated into God's service by being anointed with oil. .... A priest who adopts a son from another tribe cannot make him a priest by adoption.


A brief overview of the basic reasons that Jews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah by explaining, ... We do not believe that the Messiah will be the son of G-d.


Why don't Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah or Son of God? ... The primary reason that Jews do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah is that after his arrival and ...


Jewish Beliefs on Jesus - What do the Jews believe about Jesus? ... is seen by Jews as a false prophet who came to turn humanity away from God's true path.


So why do we often hear today that “Jews don't believe in Jesus”? ... to Jesus is the issue of the nature of God, the deity of Jesus, God having a son; the Trinity.