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Judaism's view of Jesus


Judaism generally views Jesus as one of a number of Jewish Messiah claimants who have ... The belief that Jesus is God, the Son of God, or a person of the Trinity, ... Jews believe Jesus did not ful...

Why Jews Don't Believe In Jesus, why Jews reject Jesus - Aish.com


Mar 6, 2004 ... Jews do not accept Jesus as the messiah because: .... In fact, the Bible says that God sometimes grants the power of "miracles" to charlatans, .... Why did he send his son Jesus to earth and change his commandants and we ...

Muslim and Jewish views of Jesus as 'Son of God'


Jan 12, 2015 ... Jews and Muslims are frequently asked by Christians why they do not believe that Jesus was The Son of God. As a rabbi I would like to share ...

Do Jews believe that Jesus was the son of God? - Quora


No. In general, Jews do not believe that Jesus was specifically divine. Indeed, this is pretty much the central point of disagreement between Judaism and ...

Did He Or Didn't He?Jewish Views of the Resurrection of Jesus ...


Namely, "We Jews don't believe that Jesus rose from the dead because Jesus is not for us Jews to ..... Only Jesus can do that, as the Son of God. Without Jesus ...

Judaism 101: Mashiach: The Messiah


Traditional Jewish concept of the messiah (mashiach): what he will be like, ... Jews do not believe in Jesus because he did not accomplish these tasks ... The mashiach is often referred to as "mashiach ben David" (mashiach, son of ... But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being.

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Why Jews Don't Believe in Jesus ... Why don't Jews believe in Jesus? ... Nowhere in the entire Torah, Prophets and Writings do the words ca'ari or hikifuny mean ... (harah) and shall give birth (ve-and yoledet-shall give birth) to a son (ben)". ... Jesus made a prediction that "The time is fulfilled, the kingdom of...

Ask the Expert: Who was Jesus? - My Jewish Learning


In the Jewish faith, who do they say Jesus was? Was he ... The short answer: Judaism does not consider Jesus to be a prophet, the messiah, or the son of God.

A Jewish View of Jesus - The Neshamah Center


Dec 29, 2011 ... To wit, we do not believe: That Jesus is part of God, i.e., part of a “Trinity” of God; That Jesus is the son of God; That Jesus was born from a ...

Can a Jew believe in Jesus? - Questions & Answers - Chabad.org


I was accosted at the beach today by a guy from Jews for Jesus. ... They do usually have a token Jewish member, who is invariably either ignorant of Judaism at ... As Jesus is not G-D or the Son of G-D according to Judaism. ... While I agree that the entire concept that Jesus was the Messiah and/or god is untrue, I would not ...

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Why Jews Don't believe in Jesus (in brief) - Being Jewish Web Site


A brief overview of the basic reasons that Jews do not believe Jesus was the Messiah by explaining, ... We do not believe that the Messiah will be the son of G-d.

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JEWS DO NOT ACCEPT JESUS AS THE MESSIAH BECAUSE: .... idea of Trinity breaks God into three separate beings: The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost ...

Why Jews Don't Accept Jesus - Beliefnet


Why don't Jews accept Jesus as the Messiah or Son of God? ... The primary reason that Jews do not believe in Jesus as the Messiah is that after his arrival and ...