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Lemons and limes grow from different trees. Lemons grow from Citrus limon trees. Key limes grow from Citrus aurantifolia trees, and Persian limes grow from Citrus latifolia trees.....

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There are several species of citrus trees whose fruits are called limes, ... Plants with fruit called "limes" have diverse genetic origins; limes do not form a ... assorted citrus hybrids)...

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Although both are citrus fruits, lemons and limes are two distinct species and grow on two different types of trees. The lemon tree is believed to have originated in ...

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Smell the tree's flowers. While both lemon and lime blossoms have the same scent, the lemon tree flowers' scent is generally stronger.

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Lemons and limes can be grown on the same tree. ... Do your budding in the spring as the buds on the lime tree acting as root stock are beginning to sprout.

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Mar 3, 2007 ... There is also a lemon/lime hybrid tree which is bearing fruit. The crazy thing is, there is an orange growing on the back of the same tree!

Do limes and lemons grow on the same tree - Answers


No, lemons and limes do not grow on the same tree. They are the fruit of ... from the same tree? no limes come from lime trees lemons come from lemon trees.

Are lime trees and lemon trees the same tree - Answers


Can a tree produce both lemons and limes at the same time? yes if half ... Do limes and lemon come from the same tree? ... Why do lemon trees grow lemons?

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Lemons and limes make great edible landscape trees for small yards in warm ... a tree with flowers, young fruit, and mature fruit hanging on the plant at the same time. ... Although lemons and limes don't like wet soil, they do require a constant ...

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So, why do lemons have seeds but not limes, or was I just really lucky? Why aren' t ... At one point in my life, I was an inspecotr of citrus trees.

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Q: Do lemons and limes come from the same tree.
A: No they are different fruits. The lemon is: Citrus limon tree. Limes are Read More »
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Q: Do limes and lemons come from the same tree?
A: apples and bananas. Read More »
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Q: Do limes and lemons come from the same tree?
A: No, they do not. Limes come from a lime tree and lemons come from a lemon tree. Well, I should say, not naturally, I suppose if you graft a branch from one onto... Read More »
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Q: Are limes some variant of lemons or do they come from completely ...
A: Limes and lemons grow on completely s... Read More »
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Q: Do limes&lemons come from the same tree?
A: Although lemons and limes are both citrus fruits, they come from different trees. Lemon trees first arrived in North America with European settlers who had been... Read More »
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