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Magnetic water treatment


Magnetic water treatment is a controversial method of supposedly reducing the effects of hard water by passing it through a magnetic field, as a non-chemical alternative to water softening. ... Whil...

Magnetic Water and Fuel Treatment: Myth, Magic, or Mainstream ...


Some of the additional claims include water softening, improved plant growth, and the ... Magnetic water treatment devices consist of one or more magnets, which are ... Sodium salts do not readily form scale or soap scum, so the problems .... to determine whether their magnetic fuel treatment devices really are working.

Magnetic Water Conditioners: Fact, Fiction or Unknown ? | The ...


Dec 28, 2000 ... There are two factions which have caused the "do they work? ... The fact of the matter is, magnetic water conditioners are descaling tools. ... was really pleased with it altho having to fit a separate drinking water tap was a pain ...

NMSR Teams with KRQE-TV13 on "Magnetic Water Conditioners"


NMSR Teams with KRQE-TV13 on "Magnetic Water Conditioners" ... GMX magnets don't really alter the chemistry of water, but do affect surface tension in the ... "Now, if this stuff really works, your experiments would be able to show that, right?

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May 1, 2012 ... Magnetic water conditioner at http://aquamagnets.com - Aqua Magnets ... how well the Aqua Magnets magnetic water conditioner system is working in his ... The quality of water in their home or business really surprises them.

Magnets and Magnetic Water Softeners Do Not Work


I just wanted to say that magnetic water conditioners are a fad device that comes along every 30 years or so and they have never been proven to actually soften ...

Do Magnets Remove Lime Scale From Water Pipes? - Science ...


Apr 26, 2009 ... I saw that the magnetic water treatment devices were for sale so, being .... I am really not sure if magnets work to remove lime scale from water pipes, ... It replaces traditional water softeners, does not add anything to the water ...

Magnetic water treatment pseudoscience - Chem1


Does it really soften the water? One might think that the question of whether magnetic water treatment is effective would by now have ... benefits of a widely- applicable chemical-free softening process, ...

Good Ideas Magnetic Water Conditioner, Active ... - Amazon.co.uk


I don't think it actually eliminates limescale but it does seem to lessen its impact, ... don't expect it to work overnight, even a full blown water softener takes time to ...

Are Salt-Free Water Softeners Effective? | Angies List


Here's how water conditioners work and when salt-free water softeners are most ... work really well and others don't live up to their claims, so it's important to do ...

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chemistry - Do magnetic water softeners work? - Skeptics Stack ...


Jun 6, 2011 ... I'm extremely skeptical of the idea of magnetic water softeners (strong ... For the purposes of this question, "work" is defined as changing the properties of water treated with the system to: .... What did Ramsay actually mean?

Magnetic Water Treatment - K&J Magnetics Blog


Strong neodymium magnets are often used in Magnetic Water Treatment to ... Does this really work? ... How do conventional water softening systems work?

I am researching salt free water softeners. Do they really work ...


Nov 27, 2012 ... ... water softeners. Do they really work? ... I am looking to replace my traditional Culligan water softener. ... The first is the magnetic "softener".