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Monkeys eat a variety of things, depending on the species. Their diets include flowers, fruits, nuts, leaves, seeds, insects, birds’ eggs, and spiders.


A banana peel, also called banana skin in British English, is the outer covering of the banana ... Once the peel is removed, the fruit can be eaten raw or cooked and the peel is generally discarded. Because of ... This way is also known as the " monkey method", since it is how monkeys are said to peel bananas. When the tip of ...

Jun 15, 2008 ... Baby monkey eats a banana at the Ubud Sacred Monkey Forest in Bali, Indonesia. ... That's the real way to peel a banana (from the bottom up).


No monkeys don not eat banana peels but let'stry to learn how monkeys eat banana. Step 1: Get a banana Step 2: Identify the top of the ...


Jun 17, 2016 ... I'm not sure where the myth that monkeys eat bananas started — I personally suspect Curious George — but it's time for it to stop.


In all honesty it really depends on the individual. At our zoo we have 7 species of primates (apes and monkeys) and with the species that get ...


Oct 7, 2015 ... The lowly banana peel is now being hyped as a health elixir for many ... see that even most monkeys are peeling the banana before eating it.


How monkeys eat bananas Critter Country. ... claiming that this is how monkey's peel bananas. ... bother to peel just eat it whole' behavior. .... we'll just contribute to the urban legend if we discuss it (we do that a lot and a lot of ...


I have a hard time believing that a monkey will always choose to peel the banana from pinching the bottom and then unwrapping and eating it ...


Jul 31, 2014 ... Why You Should Peel Your Banana Like a Monkey ... it from the opposite end works every time. You can also use the stem as a handle as you eat! Do you ever peel your bananas this way? Give it a try next time! Share · Email ...