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Jul 15, 2013 ... While some carnivores do not eat plants, directly, the vast majority consume animals that subsist on plants. But why exactly do plants need light ...

Why do plants need light? | Reference.com


Plants need light to grow so that the process of photosynthesis can occur. This process, found only in plants, converts solar energy into sustenance for plants.

Why do plants need sunlight? | Reference.com


Plants need sunlight to complete photosynthesis. During photosynthesis plants use light energy from the sun, water and carbon dioxide to create energy; plants ...

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Sep 30, 2005 ... Plants need sunlight (or the right kind and amount of electric light) in order ... If plants do not get sunlight, they cannot produce chlorophyll and ...

Why Do Plants Grow With Light: How Light Affects Plants


Mar 28, 2015 ... What kind of light do plants need? Do all plants need the same amount of light? How can I tell if my plant is having problems with too little light?

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Plants make their own food by combining a gas called carbon dioxide, which they get from the air, ... To power the process, the plant uses the energy of sunlight.

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Plants need the sun because sunlight is made up of electromagnetic radiation which is given off as energy as the sun burns through its stores of hydrogen many  ...

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Green plants need only water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) in the presence of light to manufacture sugar molecules and other carbohydrates, such as starch.

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What would happen if a plant didn't get enough water, air, sun, or nutrients from the soil? Would the plant still grow? Or would the plant die? What do plants need  ...

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Every plant needs light to grow and flourish, but the right amount of sunlight varies. When choosing plants for your garden, look at the plant label to check its light ...