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How much carbon dioxide do plants give off? - UCSB Science Line


Once they die, almost all of the carbon that they stored up in their bodies is ... When plants burn their sugars for food, CO2 is produced as a waste product, just  ...

Is It Unsafe To Sleep In A Room With Plants? - Naked Science Forum


Do all kind of plants emit the same amount of carbon dioxide? ... tree in your room it wouldn't produce as much CO2 in the night as you do.

Do plants release carbon dioxide into the ... - Past Question


Yes, most plants take in carbon dioxide during photosynthesis during the day and release carbon dioxide during respiration at night. However, plants take up ...

Where do plants get carbon dioxide? | Reference.com


Plants get carbon dioxide from the air that surrounds them. The carbon dioxide from air naturally ... How do plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis?

Do Plants “Exhale” at Night? | Quiet Kinetic


Jun 4, 2013 ... Plants reverse the process of photosynthesis at night, instead producing carbon dioxide. Image: Audrey / Flickr CC. We all know that plants and ...

How Plants Acquire Their Energy - For Dummies


Instead of taking in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide like animals do, plants ... Plants undergo photosynthesis to produce energy for themselves (and ...

How do plants use carbon dioxide? | Reference.com


Plants use carbon dioxide to produce food. Through photosynthesis, they convert carbon dioxide and water into sugar. They derive energy from the sun to ...

Sleeping With Plants: Respiration and Oxygen Use | A Moment of ...


May 2, 2013 ... One of the byproducts of respiration is carbon dioxide. In other ... Would that mean that plants really do compete with humans for oxygen?

BBC - KS3 Bitesize Science - Food chains : Revision, Page 4


Plants. Plant cells respire, just as animal cells do. If they stop respiring, they will die. Remember that ... Respiration uses oxygen and produces carbon dioxide.

Do house plants remove oxygen? - Science and Plants for Schools


The green leaves of plants carry out both photosynthesis (in light) and respiration (all the time). Photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide to make sugar and produces ...

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Do plants emit carbon dioxide at night? - Quora


Apr 18, 2012 ... Plants produce CO2 (Carbon dioxide) all the time as a metabolic product of respiration, but when light is available, they can use and fix some of ...

Plants Don't Convert CO2 into O2 « How Plants Work


Feb 16, 2009 ... Bottom line: Green plants DO NOT convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into oxygen (O2 ). The oxygen produced during photosynthesis comes from ...

Trees, YOU and CO2 - Plant Talking Points, Science Education and ...


We'll do so looking at things most of us use everyday as examples of mans part in ... six molecules of carbon dioxide plus six molecules of water produce one ...