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While some seeds require light to germinate, other types of seeds germinate better in the dark. Most seeds are indifferent to light when germinating. Seeds from plants native to fo...

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Most seeds germinate underground where there is no sunlight. The plant does not need the nutrients in soil for a few days or weeks, because the seed has all the ... Plants such as mosses, liverworts...

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In a word, seeds need the correct soil temperature, moisture, humidity and light to germinate. Supplying these requirements correctly is not too difficult, but it is ...

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Some plant seeds actually need exposure to light, to germinate well. ... Here are some tips for starting seeds that need light. ... 7 Things to Do with Fall Leaves.

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Some sunflower seeds need light to germinate. Seeds, when they come to us in seed packages, are dormant. For a plant to grow from the seed, that dormancy ...

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May 14, 2010 ... Some seeds do better if they're scarified, which is the scratching, breaking ... It seems that the smaller seeds need light for germination, so they ...

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Most plants need light to grow and keep them healthy, but not all plants need light to germinate, and, as we shall see, some seeds find light a hindrance. ... and so peculiarities such as light or dark requirements do not often occur. On the other ...

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Feb 22, 2009 ... I was told to leave the seeds in dark to help them germinate and after that start using a light. What I don't know is how soon after germination do ...

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Oct 18, 2009 ... In order to germinate, your marijuana seeds need heat, water, and ... 7 or eight feet from your HID light ( they do not want too much light now ).

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Unless the seeds require light to germinate (such as snapdragons), or are too tiny ... If you do not have a south-facing window, you will need to use grow lights.

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Q: Do Seeds Need Light to Germinate & Grow?
A: Seeds contain the material needed to grow into a plant, but they need certain conditions met for germination, or the beginning of the growth process, to occur. ... Read More »
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Q: Do Onion Seeds Need Light to Germinate?
A: Germination is the first of stage of growth for onion plants. If you are starting your onion plants from seed, you will require access to light, soil and moistu... Read More »
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Q: Do mango seeds need light o germinate?
A: After removing the husks. I place mine in a shallow tub of water outdoors uncovered, and let them root and sprout befor potting them up. I'm in Florida, so it's... Read More »
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Q: Do seeds need sun light to germinate?
A: Free flow of water & air are a must. Cover seed with 2 - 4 times their Read More »
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Q: Do cucumber seeds need light to germinate?
A: Some seeds need light to germinate. Cucumbers, squash, pumpkins plus the Read More »
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