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May 1, 2011 ... I've also heard about multiple ways to numb your tongue before getting it pierced. ... just dont numb it, or you could have a slushie before and after wards they help alot! .... Do They Numb your tongue when its getting pierced?

"Numbing" before a Piercing


Has anyone tried "topical Numbing agents" before getting a piercing (specifically a genital) if so what did you use. ... you're into wouldn't you want to do something to make it not hurt? ... i had my belly 'numbed' apparently. they sprayed this really cold stuff .... i had no idea you could get your tongue num...

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... to numb your tongue before you get it pierced and same with your lips. i'm. ... They just spray it in your mouth and you spit it out, like using ...

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Jan 7, 2010 ... Me getting my tongue pierced =) I had it numbed so I couldn't feel ... I didnt have mine numbed they just did it ha, it took like 30 seconds to do, ...

Tongue Piercing Procedure: How a Tongue Gets Pierced | Oral ...


Feb 9, 2011 ... As they are holding onto the tongue, the piercer will stick a thick needle ... say that as long as you find the right person to pierce your tongue, it shouldn't hurt. ... to give you any anesthetic to numb your tongue and prevent you from feeling pain. ... Do you have any stories or experiences with tongue piercing?

what happens when you get your toungue pierces?what do they do ...


My ex-girlfriend got it done and she was in some serious pain, her tongue swelled up. ... on who does it, they may give you a local anaesthetic shot to numb your tongue. Once that's taken effect, they'll grab your tongue - usually with some sort of ... She asked this question nearly 2 weeks ago, only a few hours before doing ...

How to Get Your Tongue Pierced - 8 Easy Steps - wikiHow


Piercing your tongue is not something you should do at home. While the tongue is ... A good place will be happy to show you how sanitary they are. Get Your ...

Can you numb your tongue before piercing it - Answers


But where do you bite your tongue??? You bite it ... Do they numb your nose before piercing it? .... Can you re-pierce your tongue if you've had it pierced before?

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May 28, 2006 ... Quick Ways To Healthy Eating, #1: Pierce Your Tongue. 9 years .... Do they numb ur tongue before they do it? how long does it take to heal?

Woman who had tongue pierced as birthday treat 'dies of blood ...


Apr 16, 2010 ... She later went for icecream to numb the pain in her mouth. .... I remember the #1 rule after getting your tongue. ... My piercing place drilled it in my head before they let me leave. ... session in Bora Bora with rumored love interest Jayde Pierce At an ocean-front villa · AD1838558247. ... How did she do that?

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Q: Do they numb your tongue before piercing?
A: It can go either way. I know some places use this gel to numb it but other places don't. If you are worried they won't numb it then you can do it yourself using... Read More »
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Q: Do they numb your tongue before piercing it?
A: Most places will not numb you up before piercing anything even the Read More »
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Q: Do they numb your tongue before piercing it?
A: NO.Why do you want it pierced! How will you ever lick an ice cream cone or lollipop again! and other food also. Read More »
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Q: Do they give you any numbing medication before the pierce your to...
A: no they do not! and you should not take anything before you go. if you do it could cause major bleeding and actually make it to where you could loose all taste ... Read More »
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Q: Can you numb your tongue before piercing it?
A: Yes, with ice. But ice will only numb it for a little while. O.k. sure you can use ice or 1% lidocaine, which I do not suggest. but why bother? In all actuality... Read More »
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