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How long did it take the swelling for your tongue to go down? ... when you get a labret piercing can they numb it before doing it so it wont hurt or anything?

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Jan 7, 2010 ... Me getting my tongue pierced =) I had it numbed so I couldn't feel the ... Find a place that does numbing =P Its just a thing they spray on ya tongue. ... Damage also depends how much you play with the piercing on your teeth.
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Sep 15, 2011 ... I got my tongue pierced and it's so swollen it hurts to talk ... where you want to pierce and it should pain less..but i think ice is good too. ... I pierced my own ears and used ice to numb it. .... I have skin divers and they do the piercing the same way. ... TOP 10 Extremely Dangerous Piercings to Blow Your Mind...

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... alright to numb your tongue before you get it pierced and same with your lips. i' m. ... They just spray it in your mouth and you spit it out, like using mouthwash. ... " Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it.

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Although it will not numb the skin to the intensity that ice does, it does ... Numbing sprays should be applied seconds before piercing, and while they will help ... hour before getting pierced, as taking extra pills can be dangerous to your health.

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Feb 9, 2011 ... As they are holding onto the tongue, the piercer will stick a thick needle ... say that as long as you find the right person to pierce your tongue, it shouldn't hurt. ... to give you any anesthetic to numb your tongue and prevent you from feeling pain. ... Do you have any stories or experiences with tongue piercing?

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With the right precautions and materials, piercing your tongue will only take a couple of ... Before you try to pierce anything, it's important to brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse ... Do not remove the needle from your tongue until you've inserted the bar. ... This can help the swelling from starting, and numb the initial ...

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Jan 21, 2016 ... Recommendations for faster healing from your tongue piercing. ... The questions on most people's mind before having a tongue piercing are “Will it hurt to have my tongue ... I opted to have a bit of anaesthetic to numb my tongue which took the ... They might not be delighted about the piercing, but they will .....

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Dec 4, 2007 ... ... is it really sore?Will I be able to do anything to ease the pain during the procedure? ... I don't know of anyone who doesn't numb you before they pierce you. ... I find fourteen to be a little too young, but if your parents are willing to let you get it done, it's your choice. .... Tongue Piercing And It...

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NEVER numb anything before you get it pierced, cause one the numbness ... My tongue was the most painful piercing of mine. ... No soreness after, and they healed very very well. .... a little more because your body is already a little more sensitive, but do them both at the same time is my recommendation!

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Has anyone tried "topical Numbing agents" before getting a piercing (specifically a genital) if so what did you use. ... I had one of my tongue piercings numbed and it took alot longer to heal than my other one, and ... i had my belly 'numbed' apparently. they sprayed this really cold stuff that felt like water [i ...

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... little while. O.k., sure you can use ice or 1% lidocaine, which I do not suggest. ... But where do you bite your tongue??? You bite ... Do they numb your nose before piercing it? .... Can you re-pierce your tongue if you've had it pierced before?

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Piercing your tongue is not something you should do at home. While the ... A good place will be happy to show you how sanitary they are. Image titled Get Your ...