Did you mean: Do Whales Breathe Using Gills or Lungs?
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Aquatic respiration


Sea slugs breathe through a gill (or ctenidium). Aquatic respiration ... The respiratory system of gastropods can include either gills or a lung. ... the gills. Because these sharks rely on this tec...

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Apr 19, 2009 ... Fish use their gills to take oxygen from the water that they live in. But people get the oxygen we need by breathing air, using our lungs. Whales ...

How Do Whales Breathe? - Whale Facts


Unlike fish these marine mammals are not equipped with gills, which fish ... To assist with long dives whales have developed special lungs that help them inhale  ...

Do Whales Have Gills? - Whale Facts


No, whales don't have gills; instead they are born with blowholes. ... to extract oxygen directly from the water so that they can breathe underneath the water ... Whales are marine mammals and like all mammals they have lungs and nostrils,  ...

How Do Blue Whales Breathe? - Whale Facts


In order to obtain adequate energy the blue whale can consume as many as 40 million ... are unable to extract oxygen from the water as they do not possess gills. ... lungs through their blowhole which is located on the top of the whale's head.

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Aug 5, 2009 ... (By the way, this is why we couldn't breathe liquid unaided, as in the film The ... Well, their gills are much more efficient at extracting oxygen than our lungs. ... With an unlimited, easy supply of oxygen, whales and dolphins can ...

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Why do dolphins and whales swim to the surface of the ocean? ... The air- breathing lungs of mammals, including humans, must be dry and empty of ... A fish breathes by taking water into its mouth and forcing it out through the gill passages.

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Whales can't breathe in water for the same reason we can't. ... breathe. Animals with backbones lost their gills and developed lungs when they moved onto land.

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What they do is basically breath hold dive or we can even say free dive... ... Will whales eventually evolve organs (i.e. gills) to let them breathe under water like fish? How and why do ... Whales and dolphins use their lungs to breathe air also.

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Learn why water molecules can't be absorbed by human lungs. ... Fish "breathe" the dissolved oxygen out of the water using their gills. ... Warm-blooded animals like whales breath air like people do because it would be hard to extract enough  ...

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Q: Do killer whales breathe with gills or lungs?
A: They have lungs, they belong to the family of Cetacea which are air breathing mammals. Read More »
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Q: Do whales breath through gills or lungs?
A: yes Read More »
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Q: OK - so if whales have lungs rather than gills, then how do they ...
A: they do have noses....please see link http://plynx3.comfluent.net/images/nowitz/images/CD0118/HiRez/CD0118-0121.jpg Source(s): man the harpoons! Read More »
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Q: The first air-breathing fish and amphibians extracted oxygen usin...
A: Where is your evidence. Read More »
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Q: Do crabs use gills or book lungs to breathe ?? I'm not sure .?
A: it's a little tricky.. they have internal gills inside of a chamber in the cephalothroax (head/chest region) but it's the same kind of book lung that say insect... Read More »
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